The evidence is clear. Migrants have been weaponized by globalist-funded groups to cause instability and chaos around the world. And now it’s coming to America.

Tyler S. Farley

For much of the last decade, migrants from all over the world have slowly been weaponized by globalists and various intelligence agencies for the purpose of destabilization. The same way you can weaponize a virus or bacteria, migrants are now being used as a weapon to destabilize and break down local cultures all around the world, and now it’s coming to America.

In Europe there is ample of evidence of this taking place. Many people living in countries like France or Switzerland say they don’t even recognize their countries anymore due to these weaponized migrants.

Photo of a migrant camp in France

But let me be clear, when I say migrants have been weaponized, that means someone has weaponized them, and the people responsible are globalists who support open borders so they can more easily implement their agenda.

Globalists all support open borders. Even the well known globalist George Soros has named his charity the Open Society Foundation, which is a nod to open borders. But it’s not in name only, the Open Society Foundation has funded and supported easing immigration policies around the world as well as in America.

Although the exact numbers are hard to come by, as ironically the Open Society Foundation is not that “open” with its spending and often hides behind front groups, such as First Draft which I wrote about here. But Soros himself once boasted in 2014 he has spent over $100 million on American immigration reform, and since then Open Society has doubled its efforts, so they have spent much more as of today. And all that money is to make it easier for migrants to enter the country with minimal vetting or restrictions.

But now we are seeing that these globalist are not content to simply work toward political reform. Instead, they are using the same playbook they have used to wreak havoc on European culture but now here in America.

This latest migrant caravan approaching America, now over 5,000 strong is a clear example of weaponized migrants. There is ample evidence that this caravan is not some spontaneous group of “dreamers”. It is well organized and financed, and a perfect example of globalists exploiting and weaponizing migrants to help push a globalist agenda of open borders and broken societies. Instead of launching a missile, these globalist-run groups launch a caravan of migrants they’ve tricked, bribed, or lied to.

In the short term, we all know this caravan and others like it can’t be allowed in the country, but we can’t lose sight of the real reason behind the caravan. Globalists who want to destroy local cultures, mostly western cultures, in order to break down societies and make them easier to control and accepting of a world government.

Trump knows this, that’s why just today he declared at a rally in Houston that he’s a nationalist. He understands that globalist forces are trying to break down western societies, and that’s why Trump is hated by so many in the global elite power structure that have a globalist agenda.

Europe was just a dry run for these globalists, and now they are using the exact same tactics here in America. So remember, this issue is deeper than just immigration, it’s a fight between a globalists one-world government and national sovereignty.

And as I wrote in a blog post yesterday that this strategy of sending a caravan to our southern border right before the midterms may backfire in the short term, it doesn’t mean the people behind it will give up on their long term strategy of continuing to weaponize migrants to further destabilize the western world.

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