7 questions that need to be asked about the mail bombing story and how the FBI has a long history of naming the wrong suspect in domestic terror cases.

Tyler S. Farley

With the recent rash of attempted mail bombings, a few glaring questions need to be asked based on the timing and evidence surrounding the bombs themselves and how they were reported by the mainstream media. So let’s take a look at the most glaring questions I have so far.

Mail bombs with timers makes no sense. – Mail bombs only work if the bomb explodes when you open it. A timer-based detonation makes no sense as the bomber would have to know the exact time the victim would open the package, which is nearly impossible. So the bombs are most likely fake.

Close up of suspected bomb that was sent and photographed by CNN.

Who takes a picture of a live bomb? – The CNN bomb photo is probably one of the most puzzling items of this whole story. Who in the world would open a package, find what obviously looks like a bomb, and then carefully arrange all the items to take a nice photo including the package and the bomb?

Also, as you can see, several angles were taken to make sure the address was shown in the photo.

The reason this question is important is because whoever took the photos must have known the bomb was not active. Not one single person would take a picture of a bomb they thought could detonate right in front of them, let alone take various angles to make sure all the info was shown.

So if there is an investigation (a real one) it must be determined who took that picture

Bombs arrived all on the same day (or news broke all on the same day) – Although details are still not clear as to exactly when the bombs all arrived, the news about them was all announced on the same day, except for the bomb left at the house of George Soros which was reported 2 days earlier. But the CNN, Obama, Clinton, Waters, and Schultz bombs were all reported the same day.

However, the Secret Service has said they intercepted these devices over the last couple of days. If that is the case, why was the news not released until CNN broke the news wide open with their on-air bomb scare coverage?

So either way, the timing is very suspicious. If they did all arrive on the same day, how did the bomber coordinate such a feat via regular USPS mail which has no set delivery time. If they arrived on different days, why did the news of all of them get released on the same day? It seems that the only reason to release the news of all events on the same day would be to create maximum fear.

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Why fake bombs? – Why would someone go through the trouble to send obviously fake bombs that have no chance of detonating. The obvious reason would be because they wanted to frame someone,  not do actual harm.

Timing with the migrant caravan approaching Texas. – The migrant caravan approaching American’s southern border has already raised many suspicions. Video has shown unknown people handing out money to the travelers, stoking suspicions that this is a paid and orchestrated operation. So with a lot of dirty tricks going on, people are are highly skeptical of anything happening so close to the midterms.

Will they catch or name a suspect? – If a suspect is never named, that will add even more suspicions to this whole event. Similar to the way a New York times Op-Ed was published by an “anonymous” White House staff member that painted the administrating in a bad light. The writer was never named, which is strange in such a small world as the D.C. power sphere, a fact that made many believe it was an intelligence operation.

Can we trust who the FBI names as as suspect? If a suspect is named, we must remember that the FBI has a long history of naming the wrong suspects in domestic terror cases.

For example, in 1996, during the summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, a bomb was detonated in a crowd which killed one person and injured many others. In the hours following the explosion, stories came out that a local worker at the event, Richard Jewell, saved many lives by directing people away from another explosive device. The story told by witnesses was that he risked his own life by staying near the bomb in order to help others reach safety.

However, the FBI started leaking information to their media contacts that Jewell was no hero at all and in fact, he was a suspect. Not only that, they leaked false information that Jewell was a wanna-be hero who was actually a loser, and he orchestrated the whole event just so he could play the role of a hero.

Jewell was demonized in the press. He was labeled a loser, a killer, and a failure who murdered someone in order to look like a hero. Details about his personal life were leaked by the FBI to the press to make him look even worse and fit in with the FBI’s false narrative that Jewell was a lifelong failure who did all this to finally make a name for himself as a hero.

But it was the FBI’s story that was fake, not Jewell’s. The FBI totally exonerated Jewell months later. Jewell really was a hero as originally told by witnesses and survivors. But the damage was done. Jewell died years later at the young age of 44, no doubt the stress of being demonized by the FBI for months and months took a toll on his health.

Of course, I could list countless examples, such as the FBI naming the wrong suspect in the anthrax mailing terror attacks of 2001. None other than Robert Mueller headed up the case where he named Steven Hatfill as the main suspect. However, they had no evidence against him at all, not only that, Hatfill had never handled anthrax in his career as a scientist. But that didn’t stop Mueller from going full steam ahead, demonizing an innocent man for months before finally exonerating him and paying a settlement of over $5 million to Hatfill.

After the settlement, Mueller spoke publicly about the case where he refused to admit any mistakes were made during his failed investigation into Hatfill.

So while there is word that the FBI is investigating this latest case of mail bombings, I don’t have much faith that what they tell us will be the truth, at least not at first.

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