All independent news outlets in Hong Kong have now been shut down. What comes next?

Tyler S. Farley

It didn’t take long for the fear to set in and work exactly as intended.

Just a week ago, Stand News, one of the largest independent news outlets in Hong Kong was raided by police for what they claim was “stirring up hatred for the government and the judiciary”.

(Stirring up “hate”….Does that sound familiar to how social media companies justify banning people here in the U.S.?)

During the raid on Stand News, Hong Kong police seized everything in the offices and effectively shut down the entire news organization. The goal of course being to scare other news outlets of what’s to come if they keep reporting on real news.

Well, it worked as the last remaining independent outlet Citizen News announced they will be shutting down as well to avoid the same fate and possible arrest.

In a statement, Citizen News said there was a “brewing storm” and they could no longer report honestly and fearlessly.

Early this year, Apple News, another independent outlet in Hong Kong also closed down. With Citizen News and Stand News now also being shuttered or raided, this leaves no independent news outlets left in Hong Kong.

All of this is part of the extreme pro-China security laws being used to arrest and jail those accused of being “seditious”.

(Once again, does being labeled “seditious” sound familiar to any accusations being thrown around in the U.S. as an excuse to jail protestors?)

But all of this begs the question, how long until China makes their move on Taiwan?


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