If the deep state anti-Trump cabal fails to turn the House and Senate Democratic, expect to see much more sinister tactics from them after the midterms.

With the midterm elections quickly approaching and the early signs pointing to a dwindling chance that Democrats will get their “blue wave”, it’s time to start looking at what the deep states plan will be after the elections.

It’s pretty obvious that the deep state cabal running the Mueller witch hunt that wants Trump out is banking on the mid term elections. They hope to turn the House and Senate Democratic and then start non-stop impeachment hearings until Trump either resigns or is forced out. The witch hunt is all part of this as well. I am sure Mueller has a few “bombshells” he plans on dropping for an October surprise. They will all be nothing-burgers because if he really had something, they would be perp walking Trump out of the White House right now. But they don’t have anything and they already know they won’t.

However, if they don’t get control of the House and Senate, don’t for a second think that those pulling the strings behind the Mueller witch hunt will simply pack it up and take their loss on the chin. No, I am predicting if they don’t get their way in the midterms, they will turn towards non-political means to remove Trump from office.

At this point, the people behind the Mueller witch hunt and the fake Russian collusion narrative are so deep into this illegal charade, that they have no choice but to remove Trump. Leaving him in puts them all in jeopardy of being charged with serious crimes. If Republicans hold the House and Senate in the midterms, that most likely means Trump will be re-elected in 2020 barring any unforeseen blunder. There is no way the deep state anti-Trump intelligence and media cabal can keep up this phony Russia narrative for 6 more years. The public will tire of it, and then the investigations will start and many of these actors will be open to criminal charges.

But there is no way they plan on letting that happen. I have confidence that if the Democrats fail to take a majority this November, the current deep state run anti-Trump movement will move on to “phase 2” of their plan. This new phase of attacks will not be through the normal political or legal process. Instead, you will see them trying other means to remove Trump from office.

So I would expect at least two things to start happening after the elections.

Increased attacks and questions about Trump’s mental health by the media: Expect to see more of the same attacks as earlier this year when Trump’s mental health was attacked. These attacks will become much more focused and much more forceful. Expect a full court press by the media and late night comedians trying to paint Trump as someone suffering from late stage dementia and no longer fit to serve.

Increased calls for violence against Trump, his staff, and even his supporters: We have already seen this, so there is no question it will continue. However, after the midterms, expect these to increase substantially. Mainstream figures in the media like Donny Deutsch on MSNBC have already compared Trump supporters to Nazis.

These subtle calls for attacks on Trump voters and his own staff will continue. The sick reason being that they hope some deranged lunatic takes the bait, the same way that a shooter opened fire at  GOP baseball game for political reasons. Of course, the state controlled mainstream media will pretend that they are the ones facing violence and threats, when in fact there have been zero cases of violence against any media member by a Trump supporter.

So while the mid term elections are far from being a forgone conclusion at this point, and most races are shaping up to be extremely close. Don’t think that the anti-Trump movement will simply give up after they fail to take the House or Senate. Instead, they will most likely turn to even more sinister tactics to get what they want.

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