The IG Report proves the FBI is nothing more than a domestic spying agency masquerading as a law enforcement agency.

Tyler S. Farley

From the early days when J. Edgar Hoover was running the FBI and gathering personal information on politicians, it has always been and still is nothing more than a domestic spying agency. The FBI simply masquerades as a law enforcement agency as cover for their true purpose.

If you don’t believe that, then ask yourself why are they so seemingly incompetent when it comes to actual law enforcement investigations.

In virtually every high profile FBI case in recent history where they have been tasked with investigating they have bungled it so badly that in many cases they have had to pay out settlements to those harmed by their incompetent investigations.

A perfect example is highlighted in a new Clint Eastwood movie to be released this weekend titled Richard Jewell. The movie chronicles the complete incompetence and wrongdoing by FBI agents and officials conducting the investigation into the bombing at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

As most people are now aware, Richard Jewell was not the bomber, but that didn’t stop the FBI from leaking to the press false accusations against Jewell to paint him as a troubled loser who was desperate for attention. Later, the truth was revealed that Jewell was in fact a hero and risked his life to save others. He wasn’t the bomber at all. Not only that, subsequent investigations showed the FBI knew he wasn’t the bomber early on, but they didn’t want to even bother looking for a real suspect, so they used their influence with the press to convict Jewell in the court of public opinion via leaks and character assassination.

I could go on with examples, the Anthrax investigations of 2001 which played out eerily like the Richard Jewell case with the incorrect suspect being targeted and smeared in the press. Or the investigation into the 9/11 hijackers before the attack which once again failed to identify the real threat despite overwhelming evidence. All of these are examples of the FBI’s complete incompetence when it comes to real investigative police work.

The reason they are so incompetent is simply because crime investigations aren’t what the FBI is actually set up to do. They are set up from top to bottom to be a domestic spy agency. From a multi-million dollar payroll to pay shady “informants” to out of control fraud to obtain spying warrants, the FBI simply eavesdrops on every part of American society, from politicians, to business, to everyday citizens.

The IG report has now shown us what the FBI’s real talent is. It’s finding ways to circumvent laws so they can spy on Americans they deem as a threat to their establishment control. The FBI looks like highly talented savants when it comes to gaming the FISA courts to get their way, but when it comes time to investigate real crimes, they look more like a sinister version of the Keystone cops.

The law enforcement side of the FBI is a complete sham. Recent silly cases like that of Hallmark Channel actresses¬†Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman who paid colleges to accept their unqualified children were only investigated because they are high profile and will garner headlines. It’s all meant to trick the public into thinking the FBI really does investigate real crimes, not just spy on political enemies.

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Were Americans really crying out for the investigation and jailing of a few Hollywood D-listers because they paid money to get their kids into Ivy League schools? Of course not, most Americans simply assumed this was how it worked and everybody was cool with it. The whole case was only so the FBI could further pretend they are a law enforcement agency. A high profile, clickbait-worthy yet meaningless investigation with pointless and befuddling indictments. Thank you FBI for keeping us safe from those evil D-list celebrity moms!

If there is one thing, and the most important thing we’ve learned from the IG Report it’s the confirmation that the FBI is nothing more than a thinly veiled domestic spying agency. When you comb through the IG Report, you can see the acumen with which they circumvented and weaved around every fail-safe meant to prevent exactly what they ended up doing.

Sadly we’ve all learned the FBI’s real motivation and priority is spying on Americans and then finding ways to circumvent the law to justify that illegal spying. And thanks to the IG Report, we now have the proof that this is all just business as usual.

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