There’s something fishy about the 2020 Democratic field – But what is it?

Tyler S. Farley

There’s something that’s been bothering me about the candidates on the Democratic side as we move into the 2020 election. And no, it’s not just their insane platform and total incompetence – well, the incompetence actually is part of my skepticism. But not for the obvious reason yo would think.

First off, I can disagree with a Democratic candidate but still admit they would be a strong candidate. For example in 2016 Bernie Sanders could have stolen enough independents away from Trump to win the general election. But of course, as we all know he was never given the chance by the DNC. I do not agree with Bernie’s platform or beliefs, but he would have been a strong candidate and political adversary for Trump.

But in the current field, I look at the front-runners like Joe Biden and something tells me there is no way the DNC is planning on putting their full weight behind him.

If I’m being totally objective, Biden is a terrible candidate so far. Not only that, all evidence points to the fact that he will most likely get worse as the campaign goes on, not better.

A young candidate who is a little rough around the edges can improve. As the campaign goes on and they gain more experience they will get better and more comfortable. However, Biden’s problem is one of age. His age has caught up with him and he looks weak, cranky, and confused. These are all things that will NOT improve with time, in fact they will get much worse as the campaign goes on.

Right now we are in the easiest part of the campaign. No real pressure compared to the final stretch during the late summer of 2020. Yet even now Biden looks to be worn out and unable to keep up.

There is no way the DNC leaders are under any assumptions that Biden can make it all the way to 2020. He will implode long before then and they have to know that. The media can only prop him up and cover for him for so long. In this era of viral videos, everyone is going to see his “senior moments” as they play out on the campaign trail. The media won’t be able to hide it.

So that brings up the next question. Who would they want running instead?

Elizabeth Warren is the only other player in the current list of candidates. Sander’s would be, but there is no way the DNC allows him to be the nominee after what they did to him in 2016. Not only that, Hillary Clinton basically called him a Russian stooge in a recent interview, so I doubt he’s the one the DNC is going to back.

But going to back to Warren, she simply won’t resonate with independents, especially those in key Midwestern states like Michigan and Ohio. This isn’t even really subjective, as almost any honest political analyst or pollster will tell you the same, even if they have to do so privately.

So what does that leave us with, or more accurately, what does that leave the DNC with? Really only longshot Bloomberg or a late entry by Hillary Clinton.

As I’ve outlined here, Bloomberg is running a campaign strategy that’s almost doomed to fail before he even gets started. He stated that participating in early primaries would be a waste of time, and that he would rather run a national campaign. Such a declaration pretty much tells most of the voters Bloomberg needs that they are not worth his time.

Which brings us back to Hillary. Could she still possibly get in the race?

Strategist Dick Morris stated in an interview on Sunday that he believes there is a good chance of Hillary running according to this Breitbart report.

During Sunday’s “The Cats Roundtable” on New York AM 970 radio, political commentator and former Bill Clinton adviser Dick Morris said there is “a good shot” 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton enters the 2020 Democratic field of candidates for the party’s nomination.

Morris said Hillary may see Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) dropping out of the race and poll numbers showing Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and former Vice President Joe Biden slipping in the polls as an “open” path to the nomination again.

Morris seems to believe that a perfect lane has opened up for Hillary to make a late run. Not to mention, if Elizabeth Warren was on track to grab the nomination, could Hillary even take the fact that another woman would have a shot at being the first female President? I don’t think so, which means Hillary and her insane ego are probably pulling every string she can to make sure Warren doesn’t end up the nominee.

I’ve speculated on all of this before, so this is sort of old territory. But something in the field of Democrats just seems a bit off and Biden’s recent behavior makes it even more so. More and more it’s looking like a late entry by Hillary Clinton may be how this whole thing plays out.

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