The only thing the establishment has left to fear is Trump and his supporters. They feel if they can just hold out until after 2024, they’ll be scot free.

Tyler S. Farley

As we approach the anniversary of January 6th and the circus the media and Congress is about to put on, it really tells you something about what they really fear.

You can tell what the establishment fears by what they go after. It’s been like this throughout history and these days it’s no different.

Those who speak truth on social media are the ones they go after. Those who do real investigative journalism like Project Veritas, they go after. And finally, despite being out of office for 2 years, they keep going after Trump and his supporters.

This is who they fear the most. The Trump political movement caught the establishment totally off guard. Early on in 2015, they all believed he was just running a fake campaign to bolster his own ego and brand. But quickly after dispatching all of his Republican rivals in short order, it started to become clear he was a totally different political animal than they were used to.

Soon Trump and his supporters shocked the world by defying every expert and poll to win the presidency in 2016. And ever since, the establishment has tried to destroy him along with anyone who voices public support for him.

For that reason, the Trump movement threw a wrench in the plans of the elite. Just imagine if Hillary had won in 2016. Imagine how social media and the news would be right now without Trump’s supporters exposing all the lies and censorship. It would be a much different world right now, and that’s the world the establishment wants to turn into a reality. But they need to get rid of Trump and supporters once and for all to do it.

This is why they will keep up the non-stop chaos, even if it destroys the country along the way, up until 2024. They know Trump will run again 2024, and they know he got more votes than anyone before him in 2020. If anything his support is growing stronger, so they fear him, and they fear his supporters.

But the establishment thinks in the long-term, and they know if they can just create another chaotic period for the next 2 years, they can probably pull off one more scam to keep Trump out of office and deny his supporters their voice. They don’t care how obvious it is, they believe once 2024 is over, they will be free from the era of Trump and his supporters, then it will be on to the business of completing their plans.

But there’s one problem, Trump supporters are bigger than Trump himself, they are now generational. They aren’t just going to forget what has happened over the last 6 years and simply fall in line with even more censorship and corruption.

I think somewhere deep inside, the establishment knows this is true, I just worry they’ll stop at nothing to make sure something like the Trump phenomena never happens again.


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