Trump shows his true Populist nature with new tariffs on Mexico.

Tyler S. Farley

Yesterday President Trump announced a plan to impose a 5% tariff on all goods coming into the country from Mexico starting in August. The tariffs will go up to 25% if nothing is done by the Mexican government to fix the influx of immigrants arriving at America’s borders.

Of course, many news outlets and pundits started the fear mongering immediately by claiming such action would cause an economic catastrophe. However, it’s worth noting that many of those same people are beholden to corporate America and Wall Street, which of course doesn’t want anyone interfering with their use of global trade and slave labor to line their pockets at the expense of American workers.

But Trump is showing us with this latest move that he is truly a Populist at heart. Neither political party would have had the guts to impose tariffs on Mexico and before that China in order to protect Americans.

Both parties are far too controlled by their elite money masters to even consider such action. Corporate America has been outsourcing jobs for decades and raking in the profits because of it. And both parties have passed legislation over the years to make it easier for them to do so. The loss of jobs to globalism is the fault of both parties, Republicans and Democrats. From outsource-friendly tax codes to NAFTA, both parties have harmed American workers and small business.

This is why Trump’s moves are so unique and so unprecedented. They are strictly to help and protect everyday Americans, not party masters. Corporations will most likely be harmed in the short term, and Trump is perfectly fine with that, as he should be. He’s even said several times that if companies don’t like the tariffs on imported goods, then make your goods here in America – A truly Populist and Nationalist message.

It’s going to be interesting how long Republicans can go without clashing with the President on these new tariffs. My suspicion is that they will soon start crying about the damage it will supposedly do, when in reality they just want to protect the profits of their corporate and Wall Street masters.

As it stands, I couldn’t agree more with the way Trump is using tariffs to force other countries to the negotiating table. The truth is, both China and Mexico need us far more than we need them. Wall Street may need China and Mexico to keep raking in record profits, but the reality is all those goods they sell could be manufactured right here in America and help put millions of Americans back into good paying jobs.

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