Democrat’s have officially run the impeachment well dry. There is nothing left for them to get out it.

Tyler S. Farley

In many ways, Wednesday was a sad day for this country. A vote for impeachment that was all started by a CIA plant claiming to be a whistleblower. It’s about as prime of an example of a “deep state” coup as you can get, yet here we are.

But looking at it another way, it’s a positive thing. The Democrats have been milking the impeachment threat for two for years, and non-stop for the last year since their Russia hoax scam imploded. But now, there is nothing left for them to milk out of this phony narrative. Anything they try to do from this point forward is basically a lose-lose politically.

Many people think the Democrats will no try to delay sending the impeachment to the Senate, a move meant to try to get a little more mileage out of their empty impeachment victory. But this move is a loser for them. How can they claim Trump is a threat and that he must be removed from office before an election but then at the same time claim they are in no hurry to do it. The whole thing would reek of political motivations, and rightfully so. It would be hard to spin it any other way.

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Then of course they can just send it to the Senate where it will not go anywhere. Of course, Democrats can claim that Republicans simply covered for Trump, and that without a full trial there is no exoneration. Of course, this sounds exactly like how Democrats spun the Mueller report findings. The tried to say that since there was no exoneration, he can still be considered guilty. That’s a legal notion that carries no weight in America, nor in any other civilized nation, yet the Democrats appear to be trying to use it here.

My take is that this is exactly what Democrats will most likely do. Send it to the Senate, then claim there was no “real” trial, and therefore no exoneration and Trump can still be considered guilty. But this is also a losing strategy for the Democrats. It basically puts them right back to where they always were, accusing Trump of a crime without being able to get any proof of it. After the Mueller report, the Democrats will be 0 for 2 in huge sweeping politically motivated investigations that turn up absolutely nothing in the end.¬† It’s going to be hard for Democrats to spin that as a victory, but not only that it’s starting to make them look incompetent even to Democratic voters.

So while Trump supporters may be feeling a bit angry and solemn today, there is good news. All this impeachment talk has run its course. There is no more political ammunition to be wrung out of this worn out lie for Democrats. And with the Democrats losing their main source¬† of ammunition to go after Trump, it’s time for Republicans to go on the offensive.

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