Say a prayer for Wilmington, North Carolina. Residents there are being forced to endure 36 Bloomberg TV ads per day!

Tyler S. Farley

There’s yet another shocking statistic regarding Michael Bloomberg’s nationwide campaign to prove just how rich and out of touch he really is.

As I’ve written about before, Bloomberg has chose to run a “national” campaign, one in which he quarterbacks the whole operation from his main office in New York and only communicates to voters through lazy television ads in various states.

But just how many TV ads is Bloomberg buying? According to Advertising Analytics and reported by Politico, Bloomberg TV ads are airing as many as 36 times per day in Wilmington, North Carolina! A truly unprecedented number and an amount that may very well lead to widespread cases of people throwing their television’s out the window in disgust.

To put Bloomberg’s obsceneĀ  overspending into perspective, in just one month he has spent one-third of Barack Obama’s entire 2012 TV ad spending budget.

What makes this even more puzzling is that Bloomberg seems to have learned nothing from the wildly successful 2016 campaign of fellow billionaire Donald Trump. Trump actually spent far less than his competitors, and instead focused on speaking directly to the people via interviews, social media, and rallies in key states.

So say a prayer for our brothers and sisters in Wilmington. Hopefully they can find comfort in the fact that when Bloomberg does finally drop out, President Trump will have a hilarious Tweet ready to post.

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