Is Biden’s use of the fake digital White House set because they are using advanced real-time CGI to improve his appearance?

Tyler S. Farley

One of the most bizarre aspects of Biden’s strange absentee Presidency is his exclusive use of a fake White House movie-set to conduct all of his official business.

At this point, virtually all of Biden’s press conferences, addresses to the nation, and public meetings are held at this fake movie set built in a building near the White House.

There really is no explanation for it yet. It’s completely unprecedented as every other president in modern history specifically used the real White House for their public appearances because it added a degree of seriousness and power to their words. In fact, this is why every leader does the exact same thing when speaking to their citizens.

But Joe Biden went the other direction, and for some reason decided to speak from a poorly built soundstage that looks like it was made with items bought from the local IKEA.

So what’s the reason?

One theory is that the set was needed to use a type of real-time CGI to improve his appearance on camera. First developed by VFX artists in Hollywood to make actors appear younger in movies, it has been adopted and modified to work in real-time on live video.

However, the equipment couldn’t be used within the White House, so a virtual set had to be built that could house the equipment and technicians behind the scenes without being detected.

This may sound crazy at first but it’s not without precedent. The Biden campaign openly used Hollywood VFX technology to make him appear younger in almost all of their television ads during the 2020 election.

This was no secret, and Hollywood VFX artists were hired to use so-called “de-aging” technology on Biden during the campaign.

This is why many people commented that his face appeared strange in certain television commercials, with some areas of the face appearing much smoother than other areas.

This use of VFX for Biden’s television commercials is not a conspiracy theory and is indeed a fact. It’s also not too out of the ordinary, as it could be considered similar to using make-up or good lighting, just more advanced. However, what is being done now in real-time on the fake digital White House set does appear to be more troubling.

If this real-time CGI is being used, is it just to make Biden appear younger, or does it catch stumbles and gaffes and replace it with a pre-rendered clip to fill in the gaps as the gaffe is edited out?

That may sound strange, but people are starting to wonder why Biden is beginning to look weird during his live press conferences, the same way he looked “altered” during his campaign commercials.

While most mainstream outlets will decry an article like this as a “conspiracy theory”, they will still refuse to ask Biden directly why he’s the first president to choose a fake movie set instead of the real White House.

His administration could put the rumors to bed if they simply explained why this totally unprecedented movie set is being used so frequently.

Until they do, the public will just have to keep guessing as to why the president refuses to work from the real White House.


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