Americans are suffering from propaganda fatigue.

Tyler S. Farley

Americans are exhausted.

Their nerves are frayed and their tempers are short. Since the beginning of 2020 they’ve been fed nothing but a steady diet of conflicting information meant to confuse and distract. Or in other words, Americans are suffering from propaganda fatigue.

Much of this comes down to the pandemic we all just experienced. From the very start we were all lied to. We were lied to about the origins of the virus, we were lied to about how deadly it was, and we were lied to about what we should all be doing to protect ourselves.

First we were told children were safe from the virus, then a few weeks later we were told children are actually at a high risk for complications.

Early on we were told not to wear masks. We were even told by medical experts and pundits that masks would actually make us all more susceptible to catching the virus. Then 2 months later suddenly masks were not only scientifically necessary for everyone to wear, we all had a moral obligation to wear one otherwise we would be guilty of killing those around us. How the hell did something as simple as wearing a mask make such a drastic turn from being the wrong thing to do to being the morally right thing to do?

Countless videos shared on social media showed people being arrested for not wearing masks. Fights broke out at stores over wearing masks. And all of this was caused by the mixed messages over the past several months driving people crazy with uncertainty.

And that’s exactly what propaganda fatigue is. It causes mass uncertainty and anxiety. You never know what’s real or what you should believe. You are in a constant state of confusion as you try to get your bearings while the world around you seems to be spinning out of control. So you turn to the outlets you think will give you answers such as the news, but that only makes things worse. The mainstream media has actually become the source of much of this propaganda fatigue.

So instead you turn to social media to hear from everyday people, possibly even your friends. But then you are told that half the people posting online are “bots” or disinformation agents from a foreign country, or even the CIA.

Suddenly you feel alone and helpless. The media isn’t telling you the truth, and now you are told that every Tweet and Facebook post you read is some sort of AI bot meant to trick you.

That’s where we all stand today. People are exhausted. The constant misinformation and conflicting propaganda has left us unable to see the world clearly anymore. And that’s exactly what the goal was from the start.

The goal of modern propaganda and media manipulation isn’t to trick you into believing something. It’s to trick you into believing nothing. It’s meant to overwhelm you so that you never know exactly what’s going on. It’s like a cracking damn where you try to plug one hole, and another hole suddenly springs open.  Suddenly you realize you are overwhelmed and that’s when the panic sets in.

This has been the goal all along, and the powers that be are extremely close to forcing all Americans into a panic-induced haze of confusion.

As the 2020 election approaches, you can expect what we’ve seen so far to be nothing but a small taste of what’s to come. The true fight will be with the entities that control the flow of information. Information has now been weaponized, and we have all been targeted.

Americans need to start deciding whether or not they want to keep living in a world where they’re forced to exist in a constant state of panic. Or will Americans decide to take their country back, and demand a sense of normalcy before it’s finally lost forever and replaced by a constant state of confusion as we jump from one manufactured calamity to the next.

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