Strange Math – The Census Bureau reported 153 million registered and eligible voters in 2018. The vote total for the 2020 election was 155 million.

Tyler S. Farley

It looks like the 2020 Presidential election just keeps breaking records.

Joe Biden’s miraculous and unbelievable come from behind victory is starting to look even more suspect when we look at the vote totals which simply don’t add up.

The Census Bureau cites the number of total registered voters in America as 153.1 million in 2018 for the last national election. This is the last year we have solid, adjusted numbers. We can assume in 2 years that number has not changed drastically as people die off and others are added to the list as they register at roughly the same rate.

So 153 million registered voters in 2018.

Next we go to the vote totals of the 2020 election. Here, according to the official numbers we have 74 million votes for Trump, and 81 million votes for Biden.

This adds up to a total of 155 million votes.

So 153 million registered voters and 155 million votes actually cast. So somehow 2 million votes came out of nowhere.

Even if you argue that the voter rolls gained 2 million new voters, it would still require 100% voter turnout nationwide for the numbers to add up. Something we all know is impossible.

But even for the sake of argument, if we say 10 million or even 20 million new voters were added since 2018, it would still require 90% or higher voter turnout for the numbers to add up. Once again, this is something we all know is impossible and did not happen in 2020.

For comparison and context, the vote total in 2016 was 128 million.

One important footnote to all this. You may hear people argue about VEP, or the Vote Eligible Population, which they will claim is about 230 million. The argument is then made that a vote total of 155 million is totally reasonable with a VEP of 230 million. However, the VEP includes all people estimated to be eligible to vote regardless of actual registration or status. The 2018 number above citing 153 million is actual registered voters who are legally eligible to vote.

So if you thought that Biden outperforming Back Obama among black voters was miraculous, he just managed to break another record. Somehow Joe Biden inspired America to achieve 100% voter turnout, and he did it all while campaigning from his basement for the majority of the 2020 campaign season.

Congratulations folks, it looks like you’re witnessing history in the making once again!

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