The 2018 flu vaccine was only 25% effective. But we are being led to believe that a covid19 vaccine will be 100% effective before its even been invented.

Tyler S. Farley

The experts are at it again. This time telling everyone that the only way to really get the world back to normalĀ  is to get everyone vaccinated against the coronavirus.

From self-appointed expert Bill Gates (who has no medical training), to Dr. Fauci, they all tell us a vaccine will allow us to go back to our normal lives. Anything less simply will not work.

But what gives them such confidence in a vaccine? They haven’t created a vaccine yet, nor have they begun to produce one. So they have zero evidence to back their claims that a vaccine will solve all our problems.

More importantly, if you go back to 2018 and look at the seasonal flu vaccine, it was only 25% effective. They simply got the vaccine wrong and it didn’t work. Even for other years when they do a much better job, the average effectiveness is only around 40%.

But the flu vaccine is much easier to create than what scientists are working on for the coronavirus. The CDC and other organizations have massive amounts of data from around the world to go by when it comes to the flu. This data collection has been improved upon for decades and decades. The whole process of identifying the virus strains and creating a vaccine has been carefully improved over the years using millions of data points. And with all of that, they still often get it totally wrong and the effectiveness of the vaccine can end up being 25% or lower.

So now with the coronavirus, where the data is totally incomplete and changing by the day, we are suppose to believe scientists will come up with a totally effective vaccine that beats the flu vaccine’s average effectiveness on the first try? That seems like a tall order to say the least.

But not only is it a tall order, it makes no sense that these experts should be speaking with such confidence. Why are they so sure a vaccine that hasn’t even been invented yet will be the cure to all our problems?

It seems more like this is a case simply to push the notion of a vaccine instead of pushing a specific vaccine that will actually help. There is no logical or scientific reason these experts should be flooding cable news with the notion that a vaccine will allow everyone to go back to normal. There is no data at all to support their confidence, yet they talk about a vaccine as it if it will work right out of the gate.

We’ve already been told the coronavirus mutates, and that there are several strains. This makes creating a vaccine much harder to produce due to the lead-time of the production process. Vaccines can take almost a year to manufacture once the actual vaccination has been approved. Once the manufacturing process starts, the formula cannot be changed. So the virus can mutate in that time, reducing the effectiveness of the vaccine dramatically.

So we have to ask ourselves, are the experts just trying to get us on board with the idea of mandatory vaccination, or do they actually believe a vaccine will work on the first try. Because as of right now, there is no evidence to suggest they should be this confident in telling everyone a vaccine will save the day.

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