It’s widely accepted the government created the crack epidemic and ruined millions of lives. So why is it so hard to believe that they might groom a mass shooter every now and then?

Tyler S. Farley

If you read this site you are probably already well aware of the CIA’s involvement in the crack epidemic which plagued every American city in the 80’s and 90’s.

None of this is up for debate anymore and it’s universally considered a fact. One of the rare things Americans critical of the government on both sides of the political spectrum can agree on.

But stop and think for a moment about how destructive that really was. An entire generation living in cities across America was destroyed. Jails became filled, kids lost fathers, and all of it created a cycle of poverty and violence that still exists today.

Hundred of thousands were killed or injured by drug violence or overdoses during that era. Even babies were born addicted to crack cocaine.

And what was it all for? What was the motivation behind the government’s actions?

It was all just to fund some long-forgotten conflict in Central and South America that today is barely even remembered.

So if the government has no issue destroying an entire generation to fund some pointless war, why is it so hard to believe they may groom the occasional mass shooter to further one of their current agendas?

As grim as it seems to contemplate, how many people does the average mass shooter kill? Generally it’s less than 10. So compare the hundreds of thousands who died due to the crack epidemic, and millions of lives that were ruined, with the dozen or so that may die as a result of a mass shooter.

Do you really think the type of people who orchestrated the crack epidemic would even flinch at the idea of a few dozen Americans being killed if it allows them to further their agenda, whatever that may be?

In fact, I would even argue that to deny there is a possibility that at least one mass shooter or terrorist wasn’t groomed by some government agency is extremely naive.

To be clear, the point of this article is more of a logic exercise. To make the reader think of who exactly is in charge and what they’re capable of. You most likely already know about the evidence. Things like how every shooter or terrorists seems to always have been “on the radar” of the FBI or other government agency. Yet, for some reason they are always able to carry out their plan.

So I won’t be rehashing any of that, you’ve already heard it all before and know it all too well.

But the real takeaway here is simple. Can a government that recently destroyed the lives of millions of people just to fund a pointless war really be considered above the notion of grooming a mass shooter or terrorist?

I think the answer to that is pretty simple.

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