It seems likely that Pfizer or Moderna paid Rolling Stone to write that hit piece. Either directly or via advertising purchases.

Tyler S. Farley

By now I’m sure all of you are aware of the Rolling Stone debacle regarding their hit-piece article against ivermectin and Joe Rogan. So I won’t rehash the details here, however if you want a recap of the situation you can view this article which has a good breakdown of the events.

So instead, I’m going to get into what this incident tells us that goes beyond the initial story of just more fake news.

First of all, I want to touch on the fact that this wasn’t just some error in reporting. This article was clearly ordered to be written from the top. It was conceived and organized to be falsely written for a very specific purpose.

The evidence of this is obvious. First and foremost is that the article clearly circumvented any and all basic editorial guidelines that would have easily detected the falsehoods. Almost any story such as this will go through a basic fact checking before it’s published. Such a cursory fact checking would have discovered the doctor quoted in the article hadn’t worked at the hospital mentioned in months.

Furthermore, basic fact checking would have also required a simple phone call to the local hospitals to ask the communications department if they had any statement or could confirm or deny the story in the article.

Obviously, none of this was done. The basic fact checking I mentioned above is very commonplace in journalism (or at least it was), and would have probably amounted to less than 10 minutes of work.

But here is where the bigger problem pops up. The complete avoidance of fact checking was not an oversight or sloppy journalism, it was done intentionally because everyone involved with the story knew it was a fake from the start.

This includes the writer, the doctor, and whoever at the top of Rolling Stone ordered the piece be written.

So now we move to the main issue at hand. The fact that this article was clearly written under orders from someone higher up. It wasn’t just some rogue writer with sloppy journalistic chops. No, this hit piece was ordered, but by who?

The most likely culprit is the vaccine makers themselves. Their seemingly never-ending parade of booster shots every 5 months stands to be a cash cow for them. However, the cash cow only keeps on giving as long as there is no viable and easy treatment for covid, or at least not one the public believes in.

So if motive is our guide, Pfizer and Moderna have the most to lose if ivermectin becomes more trusted than the vaccine, so therefore, they have the most to gain making sure ivermectin is constantly demonized in the media.

Based on this, it would seem quite obvious that the pharmaceutical companies ordered that this article be written. It was paid for either directly or via purchased advertising space at an inflated price to make it all seem legitimate.

We all know that big pharma buys nearly half of the advertising for television and print media. They do this so that those groups never run any embarrassing stories about them. Why would they run a negative story about a company that pays for half their bills?

That same corruption was at play with the Rolling Stone article. One of the pharmaceutical companies reached out to their known list of paid shills in the media, and asked for the hit piece to be written. And that’s exactly what happened.

The only problem was, they hired a group of incompetent fools who couldn’t even get the stock photo to look convincing.

But the real question now is, how many other articles just like this are floating around that haven’t yet been detected to be fake?