From Parkland to Greta – How Progressives use children as human shields for their terrible policy ideas.

Tyler S. Farley

As poor little Greta Thunberg continues to be exploited by her elite Progressive handlers, it brings up a sad fact about how the far-left hides behind children to avoid criticism of their terrible and destructive policy ideas.

It’s a unique tactic as you don’t really see it at all on the right or among Conservatives. This constant use of children to be the face of your chosen policy or ideological movement. This is almost exclusively a Progressive thing and it seems to be getting worse as younger and younger children are being used with each iteration of this recycled scam.

Not long ago, Progressives preferred older teens to push their polices. As we all remember the Parkland shooting, Progressives immediately thrust high school students into the leading role of promoting their gun confiscation agenda. It was all almost immediately after the tragedy, the leftist mainstream press crowned several of the Parkland students media darlings, even going so far as to give them their own specials on Primetime CNN. It was a grotesque display of exploitation by Progressives and one that is even more troubling when you understand the true reason they do it. The reason is because it shuts down any criticism of their ideas by labeling it as an attack on a child.

But now, Progressives have sunk to a new low. In their quest to tax everyone out of existence under the guise of “saving the planet” they have enlisted one of their youngest puppets to date. Greta Thunberg has been pushed out to international exposure and non-stop media coverage. Even a full length documentary is in the works to be released on Hulu featuring the great Greta.

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Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not attacking Greta at all, in fact I have sympathy for her. She is being used by her parents and by elite Progressives who need a young face who is immune to attacks due to her age. And that’s really the main problem here. Once again Progressives are using a child as a human shield so they can deflect any criticism of their policies.

Right now, almost every push to support the fight against climate change is started by showing Greta or focusing on a speech or event she has attended. The reason for this is if you then attack the policy, you can be labeled as bullying a child. But the truth is, that child shouldn’t even be put in the international spotlight to begin with. The blame isn’t on those who disagree with her, the blame is on those who put a child as the face of their political beliefs.

Greta has become the political version of the “boy band” playbook. Take some young kids and let them be exploited by adults behind the scenes who are pulling all the strings. The adults get what the want, and when the kids are all used up, the adults simply move on to the next big star in the making. If anyone believes Greta won’t be burned by her handlers, they are sadly mistaken. She’s just a pawn, and that’s what makes this so sad.

So like most people, I’m not mad at Greta Thunberg. In fact it’s quite the opposite, I feel bad for her. She’s being exploited the same way Progressives have exploited other children for their political benefit. I just hope Greta realizes it before it’s too late for her to recover.

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