If the FBI investigates the allegations against Kavanaugh, it will mean the FBI has become nothing more than a politically motivated hit squad.

Tyler S. Farley

Late today the Kavanaugh confirmation process took another silly turn. After starting the week with 35 year old allegations of an alleged high school altercation gone wrong, it was quickly announced that the accuser, Dr. Blasey Ford would testify this coming Monday, along with Kavanaugh himself.

However, now it appears that Democrats have formed a unified front and will not allow her to testify until a formal FBI investigation is conducted into the allegations. The fact that top Democrats all suddenly took this position at the same time must mean they are having some discussions with FBI officials that give them hope they can gin up an investigation.

Although, the DOJ told the associated press that it will not investigate these allegations, the FBI’s credibility is at an all time low with the recent firings and resignations of top FBI personal such as James Comey and Peter Strzok. So while on the surface it may seem obvious that the FBI has no business investigating these old high school allegations against Kavanaugh, it would not be surprising if they turned on a dime and took up a different position in the next day or two.

Of course, the reason for this would be to push the Kavanaugh confirmation to after the midterms, where Democrats hope to take control of the House. Any FBI investigation would take months, and they could drag it on as long as they liked.

And all of this would bring up an interesting yet troubling issue, and that is the fact that the FBI has become nothing more than a political hit squad. They use their power and authority to attack political enemies and undermine democratically elected officials. If they follow through with an investigation into Kavanaugh, it would remove all doubt of the FBI’s true political nature.

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This has already been put on full display with the released text messages between FBI agents Peter Stzrok and Lisa Page. In their back and forth texts they clearly lay out their plan to use their positions at the FBI to undermine and derail the President who was elected by the people of this country. And these weren’t some rogue agents, they had the full approval of senior FBI officials.

So if the FBI has no issues attempting to use its authority to undermine the President of the United States, what’s to stop them from trying to block the Kavanaugh confirmation?

The FBI is still going full steam ahead with its now discredited Mueller investigation into Russian collusion, which has turned up nothing but old tax violations by Paul Manafort before Trump was even a candidate.

So while we all hope the FBI will do the right thing and keep out of the Kavanaugh confirmation, we must prepare for the fact that they very well could get involved. And if they do, the top management at the FBI will have to be examined and possibly removed. For them to be running two investigations, one that is quickly becoming discredited and now another into 35 year old allegations with virtually no evidence, it would mean that whatever shred of credibility and objectivity the FBI had is now completely gone.

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