Ever notice how despite the constant fake news and false allegations, Trump supporters never call for any censorship or banning of progressives.

Tyler S. Farley

Although the Kavanaugh hearing is sucking all the air out of the news cycle right now, one of the bigger issues before that and going into the midterms will be the continued censorship by social media platforms. That issue is somewhat on the back-burner for now, but it is going to be a huge issue going into the midterms if conservatives continue to be censored, and it’s going to be even bigger if nothing is done before the 2020 election.

But while I was thinking about that I had an idea that rarely gets talked about, and definitely doesn’t get talked about in the press, and that’s the fact that you never hear conservatives calling for censorship or bans.

Despite Trump and conservatives being the victims of near constant censorship, bans, and shadow bans. Despite Trump and conservatives having to deal with 91% negative news coverage, most of it fake. Despite all that, conservatives are never out there calling for censorship or for liberals to be de-platformed. Instead, they simply counter-punch with facts.

Whether it be a spicy Twitter post or an original meme, or simply a link to an article that disputes the current fake mainstream media’s narrative, conservatives simply counter with facts and logic.

A perfect example is CNN. Reporters like Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper, and Jim Acosta use their platform to spread fake stories about the President. CNN has gotten so bad that the equally fake Washington Post recently had to call them out for publishing a fake story and not retracting it. But with these things happening on a daily basis, you never hear conservatives calling for a ban or censorship of CNN. Instead Trump supporters simply offer factual rebuttals, then just wait for CNN’s ratings to go down as they implode and eventually go out of business once Trump leaves office.

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And there is a simple reason for this, and that’s because Trump and his supporters have the truth on their side when it comes to policies. And when you have the truth on your side, there is no need for censorship, there is no need to hide information. In fact, when the truth is on your side, you want all the information to be available. Because the more information people have, the more support your side gets.

If Trump’s opponents had the truth on their side, there would be no need to ban conservative voices. There would be no need to manipulate search results and social media feeds to try to trick people into thinking a certain way. You only need to do those things when you are wrong and you are actively trying to hide the truth from getting out there.

It also shows the true elitist nature of modern progressives. They know that Trump’s populist message will resonate with a majority of Americans and the progressive message will not. But like the know-ti-all elitists that they are, progressives feel they know better than the American people themselves. So they try to trick people into thinking Trump is wrong and they are right. They use their power and influence to stifle speech and push a phony narrative because they know if most people had access to the truth, they would reject the modern progressive platform.

And that’s why the elite progressives manipulate the news, it’s because they think they know better than you but they feel you’re just too stupid to realize it, so they plan on doing your thinking for you.

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