In the days before the internet and smart phone cameras, guys like Ray Epps would have never been exposed. Makes you wonder what other characters like him played pivotal roles in large events.

Tyler S. Farley

The whole saga of Ray Epps and his obvious affiliation with the FBI has led me to start thinking about other events throughout the last few decades.

For those who don’t know, Ray Epps was one of the people the FBI designated as “most wanted” and a ringleader during the January 6th protests. However, the media started asking questions as to whether he was employed by the FBI and was actually a paid instigator. Soon after, the FBI dropped Ray Epps from their wanted list and even their entire website. He has never been talked about by the FBI since.

For a somewhat comical overview, you can view how Ted Cruz asked DOJ and FBI officials about Ray Epps in the video below.

But one interesting thing to consider here is that were it not for cell phone cameras and the internet, as well as independent media and even just “keyboard warrior” types, the true identity of Ray Epps may have never been known.

A man like Ray Epps would have simply instigated the entire incident along with his conspirators, and then simply vanished. There would be little to now photographic evidence of him being there. And even if there was, there would be no way for people to share the images quickly and start piecing the story together in a way the mainstream media would never do.

So this brings up a very interesting question. How many “Ray Epps” type characters have there been throughout the decades before phones and cameras were everywhere?

How many protests or other events that made the news had guys just like Ray Epps directing the action? How many of these events would have been totally peaceful if guys like Ray Epps weren’t planted by the FBI to cause chaos?

We’ll never know. But it seems completely plausible and logical to believe that this wasn’t the first time the FBI did something like this.

Clearly they have become quite comfortable doing it to the point that they now can’t even comment on how many FBI informants were even at the January 6th protest. One would guess they won’t answer because the number is shockingly high.

Then of course, if they admitted a high number of undercover FBI agents at the event, they would have to answer as to why and how long was it all planned for.

A similar story unfolded with the fake kidnapping plot of Governor Whitmer of Michigan. A story the FBI “broke” with much fanfare, only to be exposed since over half of the plotters were actually FBI informants. It was all an FBI plot.

So while the Ray Epps story is fascinating, scary, and even a bit comical, it makes you wonder how many other events were completely fabricated by the FBI or other government agencies.


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