Why the CDC made the ridiculous attempt to try and claim that somehow Omicron slips through cloth masks, but previous variants didn’t.

Tyler S. Farley

Even the most ardent CDC supporters have now realized that the agency meant to be based in science has completely lost all credibility, and is now openly peddling fake science.

From the start of the pandemic, it was pretty obvious to most people that simple cloth or disposable masks offered little to no protection from airborne respiratory illnesses of any kind.

They may provide some small benefit, but hardly worth the fuss that was made over them which had people fist-fighting in stores and on airplanes over their use.

But nonetheless, the CDC and their allies in the media kept pushing the false notion that masks were nearly 100% effective in stopping viral transmission. Many so-called experts claimed that if everyone simply wore a mask, the virus would be gone in two weeks. I guess they forgot that everyone wore a mask for nearly 3 years.

But now, the CDC has somehow managed to destroy their credibility even further, and once again it has to do with masks.

In this case, it’s more about them trying to retrofit their previous statements to align with what most of the public now knows.

So instead of admitting that cloth masks don’t work, they now claim cloth masks don’t work against Omicron, and people should consider wearing higher quality nN95 style masks.

Of course, this is ridiculous. The variant of the same virus has no discernible size difference that would make it easier to path through cloth compared to other variants. It’s almost so absurd I can’t believe they are even trying to push this on people with a straight face.

But that’s the only way they can keep from admitting their earlier lies. They have to invent another lie to explain their sudden change.

This all puts Dr. Fauci even more on the hot seat as he originally said cloth masks don’t work. He even joked about the notion of cloth masks on 60 Minutes.

But then he reversed his opinion, and explained his earlier comments as an intentional lie to keep people from hoarding N95 masks.

But now we see that was yet another lie from Dr. Fauci. His original statements about masks were most likely his true feelings since that’s the current stance of the CDC as of this week. As you can see, it’s getting difficult to keep up with Dr. Fauci’s lies.

The saddest part about all this is that the CDC isn’t all bad. They do serve a real purpose in our government and our country. But now, they’ve destroyed their credibility so much that nobody will believe them anymore, even if they happen to be right.

The only solution I can see is a total revamping of the entire CDC. The top people all need to be purged and new people brought in. The entire culture of the agency needs to change, and the change needs to be public so that the entire country can see.


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