The fake Whitmer kidnapping case gets even worse for the FBI. Turns out they paid for the “plotters” travel and other expenses.

Tyler S. Farley

As if things couldn’t get worse for the FBI over the last few months, the fake Governor Whitmer plot keeps making them look worse and worse.

Just to recap, several FBI agents and witnesses in the case have already been arrested themselves on other unrelated charges. Others have also been exposed as crooks and grifters running their own scams on the side.

One prime example is a FBI agent who was supposed to be a lead witness in the case, but he was charged with beating his wife after an argument at a swingers party. So he’s out.

Then there was the other FBI informant who was actually tricking the FBI while running a fake security company on the side where he used his FBI status to gain customers.

But it gets worse as reported by Buzzfeed news.

It turns out that not only did the FBI essentially come up with the entire plot to kidnap the governor of Michigan, but not it turns out they were the ones funding the entire thing.

When the FBI plotters were setting up their meetings to plan the kidnapping, apparently they paid the expenses of their criminal targets so they could come.

So not only did the FBI supply the idea for the plot and all the planning, they had to pay for it as well.

This means the “criminal” the FBI was targeting were so uninterested in the plot that they wouldn’t even show up to talk about it unless they were paid.

But wait, it gets even worse for the FBI.

Turns out the man who was making the payments for the FBI to pay these expenses, Stephen Robeson, was actually a double-agent and was scamming the FBI.

The FBI has since distanced themselves from this informant and claim he’s no longer part of the case. So we have no idea how bad he scammed them or what his true intentions were.

Bottom line is the Whitmer kidnapping case is one of the most obvious examples that prove the FBI is totally out of control, from the bottom to the top.

They have filled their payrolls with grifters and scammers and now they have no idea what any of them are doing.

It’s pretty obvious it’s time for congress to step in and clean house at the FBI.


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