Reports of North Korea rebuilding missile sites is just more fake news.

Tyler S. Farley

It looks as though the American intelligence apparatus is once again trying to undermine Trump’s peace efforts in North Korea.

I recently wrote about how Trump’s efforts were possibly undermined at the recent Vietnam summit when talks mysteriously and abruptly broke down.

This is no conspiracy either. Last year, when Trump was set to meet with Putin during his European visit, the FBI indicted 12 Russian citizens on the morning of the meeting. An obvious attempt to sour the talks and undermine Trump’s efforts.

And now we have satellite footage that just happened to be released barely a week after the Vietnam summit purportedly showing North Korea ramping up work on a missile test site.

The story was first reported by NBC News. But can we trust it?

Photo shown by NBC news.

Before we get into the details, let’s just think objectively and critically about news such as this. Intelligence agencies are secretive by nature. They never show their hand. The only time they go public with their “intelligence” is when they are trying to sell the American people on a certain narrative.

Think about it, do you think American intelligence agencies would really go running to the press as soon as they get new satellite imagery? Of course not. The only reason such information would be released is if the intelligence agencies wanted to sell the story that the peace efforts with North Korea were failing and that Trump has misjudged the entire situation.

It’s no different than the sales pitch with weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Suddenly, the secretive CIA was more than happy to share all kinds of information with the American people to sell the story of doomsday scenarios. Of course, as we all now know, the American intelligence apparatus sold us all a fake story. And now they are trying to sell a fake story that Trump is failing with North Korea and peace talks don’t work.

But we don’t have to rely on our instincts anymore, as information has come out showing many suspicious issues which were first reported by ZeroHedge.

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NBC misrepresented the source of the imagery by claiming it was satellite footage from “commercial sources’. This is meant to trick the public into the thinking it was from something like Google Earth and the analysis was objective.

But as reported by ZeroHedge, the imagery was from a company with deep ties to intelligence agencies and hawkish think-tanks like The Atlantic Counsel. Digital Globe, CSIS, and Beyond Parallel all have similar ties as reported by ZeroHedge.

Not only that, independent analysis of the photos suggests that the photos show quite the opposite of what NBC reported. Several pieces of evidence in the imagery suggests a dismantling of the facility, not a building up. For example, one of the cranes was set up with a short version of its scaffolding. This usually suggests something is being torn down. When facilities are being built up, a larger scaffolding is used to lift equipment and supplies on the higher levels as it’s built up.

Also, track marks from the photos suggests that the trucks leaving were carrying heavy materials since exit routes showed deeper tracks, evidence that material was being dismantled and hauled away and not being brought into the facility.

It the most glaring misrepresentation, NBC News reported two separate sites as the same facility in their story.

Overall, the timing of this story was just too suspicious. Barely a week after the Vietnam summit and suddenly satellite imagery emerges that is supposedly from days after the summit itself. And the images and intelligence are released directly to NBC news so they can make the case to undermine Trump’s efforts and push for war instead of more peace talks.

As I said before, there was already an attempt to undermine Trump’s peace efforts with Russia, there is no question about that. And this appears to be yet another case of the deep-state trying to undermine our duly elected President at every turn.

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