Was there an effort to undermine the Vietnam summit? North Korean embassy attacked.

Tyler S. Farley

With Trump’s North Korean summit in Vietnam now over, some interesting facts have come to light that must be taken into consideration as to whether they had an impact on the outcome.

Before the summit, it appeared as though Trump and Kim had an agreement lined up. Their subordinates had been negotiating behind the scenes for weeks and months leading up to the face-to-face summit. Generally, in that type of situation it means that some sort of deal is already in place, and the final meeting is really a formality and a way to iron out any lagging details.

But as we all know by now, the deal seems to have fallen apart at the last minute. Kim wanted too much and Trump wasn’t ready to budge, so he walked. At least that’s the official story – But was there more?

Less than a week before the summit, the North Korean embassy in Spain was broken into in a brazen attack. Files and computers were stolen and the perpetrators escaped. There are currently no suspects.

This incident seems very suspicious given the timing and the fact that the North Korean embassy is in a very quite area of Spain and does not fly the NK flag or have any other outward appearance of being an embassy.

The workers at the embassy were bound and gagged during the attack.

It has been reported but not confirmed that one worker at the embassy played a part in the Vietnam summit negations between North Korea and Trump officials. If this turns out to be true it will be a troubling development.

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Of course, this begs the question as to whether the Vietnam summit undermined, possibly on purpose? If you think that sounds absurd or too conspiratorial, just remember what happened during the Trump/Putin summit. On the day of their meeting, the FBI indicted a dozen Russian citizens on serious charges. This was no coincidence. The FBI released the indictments on the day of the meeting to undermine the talks. There can be no doubt about that.

Micheal Cohen’s testimony was also scheduled to happen during the Vietnam summit. Another obvious attempt to undermine Trump’s peace negotiations while overseas. So suggesting efforts were made to undermine the Vietnam summit are not without merit.

There was also another story regarding the Vietnam summit. Apparently Kim Jong Un had ordered a large quantity of vodka and that it was on its way to be delivered. However, the shipment was stopped by Dutch customs. Was this yet another attempt to sour the mood and undermine Trump’s peace efforts?

Having his shipment seized was mostly portrayed by the media as a joke, but Kim would obviously not take it this way. For a dictator to not even be able to take delivery of some booze makes him look weak. So it’s possible his response was to ramp up his demands at the summit to look strong again.

In these types of negotiations, small details can make all the difference. If one party feels slighted or disrespected, it can make an otherwise solid agreement fall apart. Especially when dealing with someone like Kim Jong Un. So having his embassy robbed/attacked and his shipment of vodka seized could have been enough reason for him to feel slighted and embarrassed on the world’s stage, so he changed his demands at the negotiating table.

In the end, we can only hope more information comes out about the break-in and hostage situation at the North Korean embassy. But it looks highly possible that it may have weakened the trust that Trump and Kim Jong Un had built in the lead up to the summit enough to sour their deal in, at least in the short term.

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