The way January 6th protesters were treated compared to BLM protesters is why you will never see a Canadian trucker style protest here.

Tyler S. Farley

As the week-long Canadian trucker convoy grew over the past several days and culminated in their Saturday arrival in Ottawa, one has to wonder where all the American protests are.

Plenty of people here in America have been vehemently against the mandates, lockdown, and vaccine requirements. But other than a few dozen people here and there, you almost never saw organized protests in America over the last 2 years when it comes to pushing back against government overreach.

The reason is simple, and you probably already know why. All you have to do is look at how the January 6th protestors were treated, even ones who simply attended. They were rounded up, put on “most wanted” lists, displayed on billboards, and vilified by the media, the FBI, and even Congress.

Not only that, once these people were brought in, they were treated worse than murder suspects despite many having only committed minor vandalism.

As a reminder, nobody was seriously hurt at the January 6th protest. The only person killed was an unarmed protester named Ashli Babbitt. All the stories about police officers being killed or beaten have since been completely retracted. No police officers were attacked or beaten.

But yet the protesters languish in solitary confinement, many with no trial dates still. Some have even been beaten while in captivity.

But that’s exactly what the government and FBI intended. They wanted to send a message very clearly, and it seems like they did just that.

If you protest against the official establishment messaging, you will be treated worse than a murderer, even a serial murderer. You will be charged with crimes like treason and sedition, despite those charges almost never being filed against known enemies and terrorists.

Yet contrast that to the BLM protestors that went on for an entire summer in 2020. Not only were they glorified in the media, our own current Vice President Kamala Harris supported groups that bailed them out, often without even checking their backgrounds. Some were let out and later committed murder.

All of that was no accident, and it sent a clear message to Americans that paid dividends for the establishment as the pandemic rolled on. If you protest against the government, even peacefully, you will be hunted down. Even if you never hurt anybody, you may still languish in a prison cell for years before having your day in court.

Sadly, I understand why many Americans would be hesitant to protest against the government at this point. It should never be this way, and hopefully as more Americans wake up to what’s going on, a change is on the horizon.


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