How the deep state inspired Mueller witch hunt was launched too soon and will totally fizzle out before the midterms

Insight & Opinion

It looks by all measures the Mueller-Russia witch hunt is running out of steam. Instead of being a mid-term game changer, it’s starting to look more likely that the misguided, deep state led witch hunt will limp across the finish line, smoking and sputtering and having accomplished very little except expose the true nature of the FBI and CIA.

But with that all that being said, it helps to illuminate another aspect of this whole witch hunt special investigation, and that’s the fact that the deep state was so shook by the election of Trump, that they went into full panic mode before finalizing their anti-Trump plan and ended up just winging it, ultimately causing it to fail. Due to the ongoing slow walk of the investigation, moderates are already becoming desensitized to the never-ending Russia collusion stories that never end up holding any water. So much so that Gallup polling has revealed it doesn’t even make the list of what Americans care about most.

And that’s where the deep state made their mistake. They implemented their witch hunt fake investigation way too soon, and now when they need it most during the mid-term elections, it will have already run out of steam as nobody cares about it anymore despite the mainstream news outlets constantly talking about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Mueller and his team have a few juicy, albeit fake indictments to reveal for a little October surprise, but in reality, if he had anything of any substance, it would be out already.

And this is where the deep state failed. It’s all about timing when it comes to political hit jobs, but they panicked and it got the best of them. They wanted to hurt Trump so bad, they ginned up this fake Russia witch hunt as soon as they could. But the smarter response would have been to sit on it for a while, only launching it so it can peak around the mid-terms for maximum effect. But they were too eager to damage Trump, like a jilted lover who shoots off a series of angry texts before taking the time to compose themselves and realize exactly what they should say or do.

And we can already see more proof of that with the timing of the indictments of the 12 Russian agents being unsealed right before Trump’s Helsinki summit. Once again, a pointless indictment as those 12 Russians will never appear in an American court. The whole point was just to embarrass Trump during the Summit. The truth is, if Mueller really wanted to get those 12 Russians into court, he would have kept their names sealed and hoped to grab them while traveling. But now, since their names are public, they know exactly where they can and can’t travel to avoid the indictment. Proof that the indictments were nothing but theater.

If they had saved all of these fake indictments and political theater tactics for the right time, it might have had some effect on the election results this fall like they want. But in their haste, the deep state never-Trumpers mistimed their attack and now it is losing steam and credibility.

This is all highly reminiscent of the NBC audio tape that was used to try to damage the Trump campaign in 2016. It was somewhat damaging, but the people behind it failed to realize how fast news cycles have become in the modern era. They released the tape far too early for the damage not to be undone by the time the election came around. And now, in the case of this extreme Mueller witch hunt, it’s becoming obvious that once again Trump’s enemies failed to understand the modern dynamics of politics and media and launched their attacks far too early, and now most moderates and level headed people realize it’s nothing but a smear campaign that is wasting taxpayer money.