Democrats made a deal with the devil when they partnered with big tech. They’ll eventually be sold-out just like the rest of us.

Tyler S. Farley

Democrats are currently enjoying the benefits of their cozy relationship with big-tech.

Any news story they want suppressed gets taken down by their buddies at the big social media platforms. Search results and news feeds are all manipulated to make sure the Democrat talking points are all pushed while counter arguments are shadowbanned, censored, or “reach-limited”.

It’s a pretty good deal for Democrats at the moment. Not only does big-tech handle all their messaging and run defense to hide all their scandals, they also donate millions and millions of dollars to the DNC connected PACs and individual politicians.

It seems like a win-win.

But these big-tech firms have bigger goals. The CEOs of these companies are completely drunk on their newfound power and they don’t simply want to be social media platforms anymore. As crazy as it sounds, they see themselves as the future of humanity.

From Mark Zuckerberg’s so-called “Metaverse” to Google’s billion dollar foray into gene mapping and life extension technology, these companies aren’t just platforms to share cat photos anymore. These companies see themselves as central to humanity’s next evolution as human beings and technology merge into a new society that is totally unrecognizable from anything in the past 2,000 years.

For that reason, these companies also see themselves as becoming even more powerful than governments in the future, and that’s where the Democrat’s deal-with-the-devil will start to come due.

Big-tech was happy to flex their muscle and ban Donald Trump from their platforms. A sitting president was banned by social media already. This only emboldened the tech giants into believing they are now the de facto government around the world.

Democrats were happy to play along, but they don’t realize the tables will turn one day. Governments still hold a little power that can be used to harm these big-tech companies, and big-tech knows it. For their plans to come to fruition, they need to totally gut governments of anyone who is not an ally. This will one day include Democrats, and that day is coming sooner than most realize.

It’s all very similar to the crime world. Partnerships can help on the way to the top, but once there, the benefits of the partnership evaporate and there is only room for one. Someone always ends up getting killed off.

Big-tech has already shared their plans, they want to be bigger than governments, and their current partnership with Democrats and progressives around the world can only last for so long before they have to be cast aside.


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