How the left leaning media inadvertently red-pilled Howard Schultz along with plenty of independent voters.

Tyler S. Farley

With likely 2020 candidate Howard Schultz wrapping up his week long media tour, one thing is becoming clear. The left-leaning media has inadvertently red-pilled Schultz along with plenty of other rank and file centrist Democrats.

Schultz did the traditional tour around leftist friendly cable channels and news shows. All of these interviews went about the same.

On The View, he was attacked for being a billionaire.

On MSNBC Morning Joe, they tried to catch him with a tired gotcha question. At the end of the interview host Mika Brzezinski asked Schultz how much an 18 oz box of Cheerios cost. It was a transparent attempt to paint him his an elitists and out of touch despite the fact that the hosts of Morning Joe are all quite wealthy.

Earlier that week at a book signing at a New York Barnes and Noble, he was heckled for being a billionaire and told he should “go back to Davos”.

As I’m sure you can see, a pattern is starting to present itself here. There was an organized smear campaign against Schultz’s wealth and status as a billionaire.

It’s not uncommon for both political parties to paint someone’s wealth or success as a negative. But in Schultz’s case, it’s not warranted at all. He wasn’t born wealthy, in fact he is from the projects of New York City. If Schultz was any other race or gender than he is, Democrats would be shouting his story from the rooftops.

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Whatever your opinions may be on Schultz’s political views, his story is a perfect example of the American Dream, and his success should be an asset to his character, not a liability.

And it is this fact that is most likely red-pilling Howard Schultz as he goes around doing interviews with people he thought would be sympathetic to his message but instead are trying to tarnish his success story.

Howard Schultz is learning that there is big difference between rubbing elbows with liberal elites at cocktail parties and actually having to deal with them politically. I’m sure he felt embraced by leftist elite SJWs but now he is seeing their true colors. Elitists liberals are quick to eat their own if they feel the least bit threatened, and Schultz was seen as an immediate threat to the Democratic messaging going into 2020.

The Democratic message is still that America was never good. They insist that no white person or man really knows the struggle of the “real” America. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said this exact thing just this week, in essence suggesting that candidates like herself can understand the American struggle better than white male candidates or politicians.

Their message is also one that is 100% pro-socialism and Schultz has already stated he is against such a position.

I know most people reading this probably dislike Howard Schultz because he seems like a die-hard SJW based on some his bizarre stunts while the CEO of Starbucks. But in his heart he’s probably more of a centrist and he has said as much with his warnings about the current hype over socialism among the Democratic party and how it won’t sell to middle America.

So I believe Schultz was taken aback by the attacks he’s received. I don’t doubt that he thought he was going to get a much better reception by Democrats than he did. And this was a red-pill moment for him. He saw the party and the people running it for what they truly are, and I’m sure he’s having second thoughts about his beliefs in what the Democratic party actually stands for these days.

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