The plan is already in place. Delay the election results while the media incites protests and unrest. The goal will be to make the public more willing to accept any result to end the unrest no matter how shady those results seem.

Tyler S. Farley

For those paying attention, and even for those not paying attention, it’s pretty obvious that 2020 is hardly a normal election year.

We’ve seen the same playbook from 2016, but this time amplified several times over. Media-driven racial division mixed with a rigged Democratic primary that has produced a senile puppet candidate, all mixed in with an overblown pandemic and you have one of the crazier election cycles in modern history.

But if you think the campaign season has been crazy, just wait until election night.

The plan seems to already be set and the people involved aren’t really being that secretive about it. In fact, they are intentionally preparing the public for what’s to come just so they can say “I told you so” when they finally pull of the plan.

So what is the plan? It’s simple. Come election night, President Trump appears to easily clinch the electoral college votes needed to secure his re-election. However, several states either refuse to announce their official vote counts or retract their original vote totals on the grounds they have not counted all the mail-in ballots.

For example, the Michigan Secretary of State has already announced the voting results will not be available on election night. As we all know, Michigan has become crucial in the past few elections and this year will be no different. So here, we already know Michigan’s numbers will not be available, or are open to new vote totals according to state officials.

Next we have the DNC-connected think tank HawkFish Consulting which is doing the rounds preparing everyone for what they are calling a “red mirage”. In an interview with Axios, HawkFish CEO¬†Josh Mendelsohn said that the most likely scenario they see on election night is Trump winning by a landslide, only to have that vote overturned weeks later as the mail-in ballots get counted by each state.

So none of this is conjecture or conspiracy theory, the highest officials and those connected with the Biden campaign have already informed us that vote totals will not be available on election night and that the vote will most likely be overturned.

In other words, they’ve already told you their plan.

But of course, there is one part of the plan they’ve left out, and that’s the rioting that will come following Trump’s victory.

Just as the media stoked the rioting all summer long in cities across America, they will do the same after the election. The media will cheer on protests, and the DNC will do the same. The goal will be to make the public eager to bring an end to the contested election results. The plan is to make the public so tired of the rioting and unrest, that they will accept any outcome even if they know it appears to be shady.

This is a key part of the plan. If times are normal and there is no unrest or urgency, the public will ask questions if the results appear to be rigged. But if rioting is shutting down areas of major cities and people feel as though they can’t move on with their lives, they will be much more willing to accept any result as long as they believe it will end the unrest and they can just go back to their normal lives.

So that’s the plan on election night. It’s not conjecture or guessing, it’s exactly what the DNC leadership and state officials are telling us. It’s also exactly what the media has been doing all summer – Stoking violence and unrest in the hopes it helps their preferred candidate win the presidency through any means necessary.

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