Democrats tried to make 2020 the year of chaos, then blame it all on Trump. But they inadvertently created exactly the type of environment Trump thrives in.

Tyler S. Farley

It should be obvious to just about any objective observer at this point that the Democrat led narrative in 2020 has been to convince Americans that the country is completely falling apart, and it’s all Trump’s fault.

But sadly, it hasn’t just been a narrative. Instead it has been action that has helped fuel the notion that America is on the brink. From years of fake impeachment talk, investigations, and hearings that all led to nothing. To the current pandemic that Democrat governors and mayors have played up to the absolute maximum with their destructive lockdowns that have caused needless and excessive suffering.

Combine that with the fact that the media and Democratic leaders have tried to fan the flames of racial tension by allowing total lawlessness in major cities across America for months on end, then once again trying to blame the chaos on Trump.

All of this has been done to make it seem as though the media’s prediction of an apocalyptic Trump presidency has come true. The idea behind it being that it will force voters to demand new leadership to stop the ongoing insanity.

But there’s a problem with this strategy. Unlike most politicians who cave under the weight of one or two emergencies, Trump has no problem navigating these manufactured calamities. Not only can he navigate them, he can use them to his advantage.

Much of this comes from Trump’s ability to understand how almost any situation will ultimately play out in the media. He’s done this time and time again throughout his presidency and the mainstream press has never caught on to how good he is at it.

He takes a position that makes the media believe that he must be on the wrong side of public opinion. The media spends days, or even weeks saying this will clearly be the end of Trump’s support. But in the end, public opinion shifts in his direction and he is seen as having been right all along.

A perfect example is when Trump took up the fight against professional athletes kneeling during the national anthem. Something that has now transformed sports into a type of social justice theater with the start of most games getting more attention than the game itself.

When Trump first spoke out against the social justice grandstanding, the media was sure that it would backfire on him. The media believed that America loves their sports heroes, and they would clearly back the athletes and not Trump.

But the numbers are now in. Professional sports that encouraged kneeling and other social justice displays are doing poorly. The NBA and NFL are all down in the ratings, sometimes by as much as 20% or more from just a few years ago. The numbers are even worse considering that due to the lockdowns there is little alternative entertainment, so live sports should be doing better than ever in the ratings.

But this was a perfect example of how Trump understands how things will play out over time better than any poll or media critic. And it has been this understanding that has allowed him to navigate and even thrive during the constant manufactured emergencies being thrown at him during his entire presidency.

This is also what has infuriated his enemies in the media and the Democratic party. They are beside themselves because everything in their bag of tricks ends up backfiring on them. They have become accustomed to being able to control political candidates by throwing one or two fake stories at them, then watching them grovel and apologize. Trump is the opposite. He never caves in, and never apologizes when he knows he’s right. It drives the media crazy, as it exposes them and all their allies as ineffectual. And just like professional sports, the mainstream anti-Trump news channels are crashing in the ratings as well.

So this is ultimately where the strategy to damage Trump backfired. If you throw a bunch of phony crises and scandals at him, he will end up playing the angle that ends up being the one that the majority of the public sides with. He’s been doing it for years, and he most certainly has been doing it perfectly since 2016. The problem for Democrats is, they still haven’t figured it out.

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