Is it a coincidence that everything progressives said we should cut back on is now suddenly skyrocketing in price once they took power?

Tyler S. Farley

Probably the one thing you don’t need the news to tell you is how much everything has gone up in price.

If you bought a used car a year or two ago, it’s probably worth more today than the day you drove it off the lot. That’s for an asset most financial experts describe as the worst and most depreciating item someone can own. But inflation has made it so used cars actually are going up in value.

Then there’s gas prices. Somehow Trump was able to keep gas prices very low for his entire presidency, despite record economic growth, something which generally causes oil prices to rise.

Worst of all is meat prices. Most people can sometimes budget around car prices or gas prices, but food is one of those things right behind air and water, you simply need it to stay alive.

But what’s weird is these things that have gone up the most are all the things progressives have told us for years we need to cut back on. It was all sold on the notion that such things are destroying the planet. Some even famously claimed that without cutbacks, the Earth would be uninhabitable in 10 years time.

Eating meat, driving cars, and using fossil fuels like gasoline were the worst culprits, they said.

So it would seem odd that within barely a month of progressives taking control of the White House, the Senate, and the House, all those things are now rising in costs and people are having to cut back.

Before things get too conspiratorial, I suppose it’s worth noting that these are now global issues with higher prices. So it’s not just an American issue.

However, the American government is the largest influence on the world’s economy. Our dollar is the default reserve currency and we are still the largest GDP economy.

But also to note, many major western governments have also leaned heavily progressive in recent years. So ideologically, there is not a huge gulf between governments as perhaps there might have been in decades past.

Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, and Germany’s Olaf Scholz aren’t very far apart on their visions of the future and their progressive ideologies. So it’s fair to say the current administration and others in Europe are not that displeased with higher fuel costs reducing vehicle usage. They may not like how it angers voters, but they do like the results.

Sadly for us regular folks, these inflation issues are not going to get resolved quickly. As we’ve stated here before, they are mostly just getting started and will rise before they may begin to fall.

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