Conservative pundits who questioned Trump’s tariffs exposed themselves as establishment hacks.

Tyler S. Farley

With the recent news that Mexico has agreed to work with the Trump administration on illegal immigration in order to avoid Trump’s announced tariffs, it’s becoming even harder to doubt Trump’s tariff strategy.

However, since Trump originally announced the tariffs on China and then Mexico, plenty of conservative pundits have called that decision into question. And I’m glad they did, because it exposed them for what they really are, establishment hacks who really want to keep the status quo to protect their elite corporate allies.

Trump’s tariffs are a move that no other President form either party would have had the courage to do. The reason it because it goes against the corporate and Wall Street elites’ best interests in favor of the average American. Global trade is only good for the elite. They have lined their pockets by using cheap overseas labor while Americans lost good paying middle class jobs. There is no debate on this issue and the numbers are beyond questioning. Global trade has only helped corporations, and has decimated the middle class in America for decades.

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So any pundit who claims an attempt to make global trade more favorable for Americans is a bad thing is only shilling for the elite. They are establishment hacks. The same way certain pundits call for war no matter how inconvenienced the plan is, the reason is because they support the establishment, not what is right for America or those who¬† have to pay the price for the elites’ selfish decisions.

Now I won’t name anyone in particular because I don’t want this to be a hit piece. But anyone who follows conservative media personalities knows who I am talking about. Plenty of conservative columnists, business news outlets, and YouTube personalities have questioned the tariffs and warned of a supposed “trade war” that would be started by them. Apparently, a trade war is the only war these establishment hacks try to avoid.

But the reality is that Mexico and China need America far more than we need them. In fact, we don’t need them at all from an economic standpoint. Only the elite establishment needs them so they can keep their grotesque profit margins in place at the expense of American jobs.

So pay close attention to those in the Conservative media who question or have questioned Trump’s tariff strategy. They are exposing themselves as part of the establishment, or as Trump would say, part of the swamp.

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