The post-election chaos is no accident. It was planned all along. They even had a catchy name for it they’ve been spreading around for months – “The Red Mirage”

Tyler S. Farley

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said that in politics, nothing happens by chance. If something happens, you can bet that someone planned it to happen.

The current election chaos is no different. If anyone thinks that what’s happening now has not been planned, they must not have been watching the news for past several months.

You see, the establishment doesn’t really operate in secret. In fact, they tell you exactly what they plan on doing. But when they tell you, they disguise it as speculation. This plants the seed in your mind of what may happen, so when it does happen, it seems totally normal.

That’s exactly what they did with the election results. There was always a plan for Democrat run states to stuff ballots and turn the election from Trump towards Biden. They even had a catchy name for it so it stuck with the public, it was to be called the “red mirage”.

The term was coined by a Michael Bloomberg funded think tank called Hawkfish. As you know, Bloomberg hates Trump and seems to have now made a hobby of wasting his own money to fund failed projects aimed and bringing Trump down.

Hawkfish is exactly one of those misguided Bloomberg projects. The purpose of the group was to push this theory about a “red mirage”. Starting in August of this year, Hawkfish CEO Josh Mendelsohn would give interviews to various publications explaining what a “red mirage” would be. What he explained in those interviews is exactly what transpired.

The “red mirage” was explained like this. On election night, Trump would appear to be well on his way victory. But in the overnight hours as ballots were counted, Biden would slowly take the lead so that by morning, Biden would be the one leading and Trump’s victory would vanish, like a mirage.

So either Hawkfish is a genius company that now should be having to fight off new clients hungry for their fortune-telling services, or they were just prepping the public for the election-steal they knew was planned. Since Hawkfish isn’t even a real company, and instead a front for Bloomberg’s political operation, I think you can guess what the answer to that question is.

So as Franklin D. Roosevelt said, nothing in politics happens by chance. And it’s true, but not only that, they tell you exactly what they have planned if you just listen to them. They may disguise it as “speculation” but that’s why it often goes undetected. People often misinterpret it as just more guessing by clueless pundits. But if you pay close attention, you can figure out what the biggest players are going to do before they do it.

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