The New York limo accident. Yet another American tragedy with suspicious ties to the FBI and the shady world of informants.

Tyler S. Farley

Not long after the deadliest transportation accident in almost a decade occurred in New York this past week, we learned that once again the FBI had its finger prints all over yet another American tragedy.

The owner of the Limousine company which was responsible for the deadly crash that killed 20 people was Shahed Hussain, a paid FBI informant who was truly a scum of the earth type of person, exactly the type the FBI likes to get in bed with.

Hussein, a man who fled Pakistan reportedly to avoid a murder charge, came to America where he was involved in all types of criminal activity and fraud. He applied for a drivers license using fake documents and then planned on giving that license to another individual. Hussein was caught and faced Federal charges, and this is where the FBI offered him a deal he couldn’t refuse. Work for them recruiting terrorists, get paid a handsome salary of at least $96,000, and avoid penalties for his crimes. Of course, he accepted.

But given what we now now about Hussein and his FBI connections, the following questions must be asked.

Did the FBI know about his shady and poorly run businesses?

Did the FBI tell local law officials to leave Hussein alone because he was working with them as an “asset”.

Did the FBI instruct local agencies to not investigate or pursue failed inspections with his business because they wanted to keep their asset “under the radar”?

These are all questions that need to be asked. It has long been known that government agencies such as the FBI and DEA will pressure local agencies to ignore wrongdoing by those working with the FBI or DEA on ongoing cases. Is this why Hussaein was able to run his business so poorly and avoid punishment? Was the FBI telling local agencies to turn a blind eye for the sake of “national security”?

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Either way, this is just another example of an American tragedy that later turns out to have suspicious ties to the FBI.

The Boston marathon bombings are another example. The bombers identified as the Tsarnaev brothers had been visited by the FBI several times at their homes in the years before the bombings. So once again, an American Tragedy has ties to the FBI. Were the Tsarnaev brothers informants like Hussain?

Not only that, after the bombings, images of the brothers were shown on TV and police asked for information regarding their identity, but the FBI already knew who these men were and spoke to them at their house. So that charade of not knowing their identity after the bombing begs many questions to be asked as to why the FBI was trying to hide their knowledge of him.

Next we have the Pulse nightclub mass shooting in Florida. Another American tragedy where the FBI had its fingerprints all over the incident.

The shooter was Omar Mateen whose father turned out to be a long time FBI informant. Not only that, the FBI had a file made up of hundreds of documents on Mateen that they acquired while supposedly investigating him for nearly a year before the shooting.

So just like Hussain in the New York tragedy, we have Mateen whose father was another FBI informant and his son was widely known by FBI investigators. Yet somehow, this individual was still able to plan and pull off a mass shooting, supposedly acting alone.

The question that now needs to be asked is why in the world is the FBI so closely tied with so many American tragedies? Why are they always involved up to their necks with these people who end up killing Americans? It has reached a point where it is no longer a coincidence when it turns out the FBI is tied to some new tragedy, but instead, it is now expected.

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