David Hogg attacking the NRA is like attacking the Human Society in hopes people will stop loving their pets

David Hogg is at it again with another pointless boycott/protest that once again will not have any real effect other than to keep him in the spotlight for another few minutes.

On Friday, Hogg organized a “die in” where protesters pretended to be dead bodies as they lay on the floor of several Publix grocery chains. Hogg targeted Public because of their corporate donations to the political campaign of Adam Putnam, a Republican candidate for Florida governor. Putnam is a strong supporter of the NRA.

Moments before the protest, Publix put out a public statement that said it was no longer going to contribute to the candidate.

“We would never knowingly disappoint our customers or the communities we serve,’’ Publix said in a statement Friday. “As a result, we decided earlier this week to suspend corporate-funded political contributions as we reevaluate our giving processes.’’

So it sounds like Publix is simply going to stop all political contributions. But also, it’s highly unlikely they supported Putnam because of his stance on the NRA. More likely, they felt his other policies were better for their business interests. So protesting Publix on the basis of gun control is tangential at best.

But the real problem here is that Hogg and gun control advocates are under the false impression that the NRA is what is yielding all the power behind the pro gun lobby. But instead, it’s the members of the NRA. They are a passionate group who often are single issue voters. They will use their vote for one purpose if necessary, and that’s to protect the second amendment. That’s the reason politicians are scared of the NRA, it’s not the NRA itself, it’s their members who vote in a solid block. Doing away with NRA won’t change that at all. It fact, it will probably just make the previous members even more passionate.

It’s like if you decided to bring down the Humane Society so that people will stop loving their pets. It’s a ludicrous assumption but that’s the same assumption Hogg is making. He thinks if you take down the NRA, people will stop voting to protect the second amendment. But the opposite will happen. People will become more motivated and more singularly focused on making sure their votes always go towards a pro gun candidate.

This is similar to how all progressives view the gun issue and it’s why they will lose in the end as I outlined this article. They don’t understand the passion that believers in the second amendment have for the issue. Many 2A supporters feel it is a “give me liberty or give me death” type of issue. And attacking some organization that happens to share their values won’t ever diminish that passion.