Snoop Dogg goes on racist rant on Instagram. Will his account be banned?

Tonight, the UFC hosted the Welterweight Championship fight between title holder Tyrone Woodley and number one contender Darren Till. It was a much anticipated fight and one that featured a champion on a winning streak versus a young up-and-coming fighter on a winning streak of his own.

That was the main narrative going into the fight. However, leave it up to Snoop Dogg to turn the whole thing into a battle of the races when there was none of that sentiment going into the fight itself.

On Instagram, Snoop went on a racist tirade, comparing the battle in the octagon to a fight between all black people and all white people. Even comparing Darren Till to Donald Trump, despite the fact that Darren Till is from the U.K.

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King Kong.

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Compare this to actual true sportsmanship showed by both sides as Woodley’s mother was seen hugging Till backstage as the fighters and their families showed the utmost respect for each other. A true display of the best aspects of sports, not the divisive and racist nonsense spewed by Snoop Dogg.

It will be interesting to see if Instagram decides to ban Snoop Dogg’s account over this obvious case of racism and offensive hate speech.

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