The true purpose of the anonymous NYT editorial: To provide an explanation for Trump’s unprecedented policy success despite the deep state constantly saying he’s incompetent.

Tyler S. Farley

There was an underlying and subtle purpose to the anonymous New York Times editorial making waves today, and the reason speaks volumes. Of course, the main and obvious purpose of the editorial was to keep up the false narrative that Trump and his administration are dysfunctional and running off the rails. This false narrative is pretty obvious as just yesterday the main news was Bob Woodward’s full-on media tour for his new book saying the exact same thing. But as I expose in this article, Woodward is a long time deep state operative and even the New York Times has called him out on his fake books filled with fake stories that push the establishment narrative.

But the NYT editorial had a much more subtle purpose, and that was to try to explain the policy successes Trump has had in his first two years as President. There is no doubt Trump is having more success pushing his policy agenda than any other President before him. However, this fact sets up a logical problem for those behind the mainstream media’s false narrative that Trump is an incompetent fool who has the intelligence of a 6th grader. You see, for that narrative to be true, his incompetence would have to be on public display for all to see, but that is clearly not the case. He is winning policy debates and getting his agenda implemented, outsmarting his adversaries at every turn. If he was incompetent and only as smart as a 6th grader, none of his policies would even have a chance. Yet his success is undeniable, even his enemies admit he his having policy success, otherwise they would have nothing to complain about. The very reason his critics are so loud is because he is having success. And this blows a hole in the “incompetence” narrative.

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And this is the main message behind the NYT editorial. It lays out the new talking points of the deep state narrative to fill in the logical gaps in their fake attacks on Trump. The first talking point is an attempt to claim the policy success Trump is having is because of some secret cabal (The Resistance) is actually pulling the strings and ignoring all of Trump’s suggestions and ideas. Next, since a secret cabal pulling the strings at the highest level of government is obviously un-American, the editorial must push the idea that these people are acting out of pure patriotism and love for the country. Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth, but it’s the only way their false narrative can make any kind of logical sense and not be considered totally illegal and treasonous. In fact, I predicted this exact thing in this article from over a month ago that says the false attacks on Trump will start to be framed as “patriotic” by the mainstream media.

So don’t for a second think that Woodward’s big press day yesterday the editorial today were not orchestrated and coordinated. This was an obvious one-two punch by the deep state and their mouthpieces in the mainstream media.

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