The real story of Bob Woodward: A longtime deep state operative who had ties to the intelligence community before becoming a “journalist”.

Tyler S. Farley

It looks like Bob Woodward is back to doing what it is he does best, and that’s being the myth-maker who spins reality at the request of his masters in the intelligence community.

While Bob Woodward has done a pretty good job promoting his image as the ever-hard working beat reporter who just happens to get the “inside info”, his real history has deep ties to the intelligence apparatus.

Woodward attended Yale and then spent 5 years in the Navy with top secret clearance. He worked in communications, including communications with the White House. His commanding officer was Rear Admiral Robert O. Welander who would later be involved in a military spy ring within the Nixon White House. This is important because Woodward’s sudden and big break came when he essentially took down then President Richard Nixon in the scandal known as Watergate.

After his stint on board the USS Wright, he then went to work directly at the White House, once again working in communications. His job was often to deliver briefings and national security materials to the top brass stationed at the White House.

Bob Woodward to this day denies working at the White House. However, award winning investigative journalist Russ Baker reported that the authors of Silent Coup, a 1991 book documenting the military spy ring in the Nixon White House, have produced audio tapes where Admiral Moorer, former Defense Secretary Melvin Laird, Pentagon spokesman Jerry Friedheim and even with Woodward’s own father, Al, discussing Bob’s White House service.

So as Russ Baker points out, Bob Woodward, with no journalistic credentials, spends time deep in the intelligent community with top secret clearance around the Nixon White House, then for some reason gets a job at the Washington Post, the most prestigious paper at the time, where he then gets one of the best “tips” a reporter could ever get and then takes down the sitting president, Richard Nixon. All this while being fed inside information from an “anonymous” source.

It all seems a bit suspicious, doesn’t it?

That’s because it was the beginning of a deep state operative who would spend the next several decades spinning public opinion while pretending to be a determined and hard working reporter who was a thorn in the side of the elite, when in reality he was just a deep state intelligence mouthpiece.

And so we move on to today, where the deep state has dusted off old Bob Woodward and sent him out to do his little dog and pony show as he’s done for the last few decades. And don’t get me wrong, he’s gotten quite good at it. The way he weaves stories together from “sources” and notes, and from those who heard the original story second or third hand, and then goes on to build a narrative based on mostly hearsay.  But then he leans on his image and reputation as one of the most respected journalists of the modern era to make the reader forget that they are just reading a second or even third hand account of stories which Woodward himself often admits he has no proof of actually occurring.

In 2013, The New York Times even called out his story telling techniques in their review of his book Obama’s Wars:

“As he’s done in his earlier books, Mr. Woodward acknowledges that attributions of thoughts, conclusions or feelings to a person were in some cases not obtained directly from that person, but from notes or from a colleague whom the person told— a questionable but increasingly popular method, which means the reader should take the reconstructed scenes with a grain of salt.”

So once again we have Woodward using the same techniques in his upcoming book Fear about the Trump White House. It parrots the same talking points that other deep state operatives like John Brennan and James Clapper have been pushing for nearly a year. The false narrative that the Trump administration is an out of control train wreck, and the conductor himself, Donald Trump is on the verge of psychological collapse. Of course, this false narrative never bothers to explain why such a dysfunctional President would be able to achieve the policy success he’s achieved, pretty much delivering on every promise made to voters during his campaign.

You see, the fake narrative of Trump being deranged and unstable doesn’t even hold up to the most basic scrutiny since it completely ignores his policy successes as well as the way he constantly plays the mainstream media for fools by tricking them into talking about exactly the issues that bolster his support among voters. It’s pretty clear that Trump is operating at a very high level. If he wasn’t, his opponents would have no fear of him actually being able to do the things he plans on doing for they would think he would be too incompetent. But we know the opposite is true, his opponents realize he has the insight and intelligence to carry out his campaign promises, and that’s why they are afraid.

So while I’m sure the mainstream media will cover all the fake and salacious details of Woodward’s new work of fiction, don’t be fooled. The public persona of Bob Woodward as a “journalist” is just as fake as the books he writes.