Either by accident or by design, HBO’s new show Euphoria is evidence of the damage Progressive cultural ideas have had on our youth.

Tyler S. Farley

I’m not sure if the creators of HBO’s new show Euphoria were setting out to expose the shocking depths of modern youth culture or instead to further glorify emotional dysfunction and degeneracy, but either way the show is an indictment of the ruin that far-left Progressive social ideas have brought upon our children.

The show focuses around the main character Rue, played by former Disney star Zendaya. Rue is about to start high school and is just returning from rehab. But she immediately makes contact with her old dealers and starts doing drugs again at the beginning of the premiere episode.

As the show progresses we meet several other high school characters, all seemingly plagued by emotional dysfunction in some form or another as well as being engaged in rampant drug use and sexual hookups that seem to make them all even more unhappy as the show goes on.

One scene catching a lot of buzz depicts one of Euphoria’s characters who is a trans girl hooking up with an older man she met on a dating hookup app. The trans girl in the show is underage so the hookup amounts to statutory rape. After the incident, the trans girl is shown crying and in pain from the intercourse.

So my question is, was this show meant to be an exposé on modern youth culture, an exposé to be a wake up call to parents that our children are mostly miserable and we have to do something. Or was this meant to normalize this lifestyle of drug use, app hookups, and underage trans girls being raped by older men.

Honestly, I have no idea. Maybe it was all just a ratings grab using sensational scenes and near-constant nudity to create buzz and interest.

But sadly, the depictions of modern youth culture in Euphoria are often true and indeed children in America today are miserable. They are riddled with anxiety and depression along with a host of other emotional problems. It’s not uncommon for kids as young as 15 or 16 to have Xanax addictions or for children that same age to do Ecstasy on a weekly or even daily basis, a frequency that even proponents of the drug warn causes permanent damage to the brain.

But the problem is it’s not trendy to speak out against drugs. If you do you are ridiculed as being out of touch. The trendy position today is that drug use has no inherent risks or danger, it’s only the stigma and bad drug policies that make them so dangerous and life ruining. Once you remove the laws and stigma against drugs, they suddenly have no downside anymore. Or at least that’s the modern Progressive trendy thinking.

What makes this all so strange is the Progressive crowd seems to be loving the show and the message it’s sending despite the fact that it seems to be an indictment of decades of Progressive cultural norms that have been pushed on our youth and now we are seeing the ramifications.

Perhaps Progressives are blinded by the fact that the show depicts trans girls and rampant sex hook-ups so they feel it must be a positive show, all the while missing the fact that despite everybody in the show living the Progressive dream, they are all miserable because of it.

That’s what is so confusing about this show and its reception. The show depicts a Progressive utopia where sex or gender has no boundaries and drugs are perfectly fine for people of any age. But it also depicts those same people as miserable and empty, constantly trying another drug or hookup to cheer themselves up, only to fall deeper into emotional dysfunction and depression.

Whatever the intention, I do hope people see Euphoria as a wake up call. Kids in America truly are miserable, and the fact is that for decades they have been force fed a diet of degenerate imagery and ideas that they were way too young to process. The results of which are kids being burned out on drugs and life before they even finish high school.

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