It may sound strange, but both China and Russia are waiting until after the Olympics to take over both Taiwan and Ukraine respectively.

Tyler S. Farley

It’s not all that uncommon for the Olympics to play a part in global affairs, especially when it comes to threats of war.

The 1936 Olympics in Berlin was a global coming out party for the Nazi regime and was used as a show of power in the lead up to World War 2.

Later, Olympics during the cold war era often had significant overtones that reflected the tension between nations.

Then of course, the tragedy of the 1972 Munich Olympics and the terrorists attack that further fueled Israeli and Palestinian conflict.

So as we look towards the 2022 Olympics in Beijing, with a backdrop of a 3 year long pandemic that started in China, it looks like this event could be very similar to the others listed above.

Then of course there is the current Russia situation regarding Ukraine. Russia and China have been much more friendly towards each other in recent years, mostly out of necessity rather than any love between the two countries.

So in this case, it’s very likely Russia will hold off on any actions towards Ukraine during the Olympics or in the immediate weeks after. Mostly for diplomatic reasons and not wanting to cause unnecessary problems with China which doesn’t benefit Russia at all.

Then there is China, which is looking to make this Olympics similar to those in 1936. Xi Jinping is looking to make this his entrance on the world stage as the new de facto leader of the globe. China successfully took over the WHO before releasing covid-19 to the world. They also successfully avoided any blame for the release of the virus by buying up or investing in media outlets and paying off officials all around the world.

Going into the 3rd of this pandemic, it’s almost impossible to find one mainstream article that criticizes China for their role in the pandemic.

Soon after the games are over, expect China to take over Taiwan. It most likely won’t be a military invasion as that’s not really needed. They will simply take control of all ports and all shipping and travel into and out of the country, effectively taking over without a real fight.

The west, America, and NATO will do nothing. They are all too afraid to confront China, and China knows it. China also knows Biden is weak, and he has weakened America to the point that they can’t respond or even consider a conflict with China.

It will be Xi Jinping’s big move to let the world know China is now in control, and foolish leaders in the west have been bought and paid for, making it all so easy for China to create pandemics or take over countries whenever they like, with zero repercussions.


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