Elon Musk and Bill Gates are no different. Elon is just more sophisticated and using social media to craft his image.

Tyler S. Farley

It’s interesting how differently people perceive Elon Musk and Bill Gates.

Musk is almost a prophet to many and an idol to others, while Gates is considered one of the most evil people on the planet by virtually everybody other than the mainstream media.

So are these two billionaires who are the wealthiest men on earth really that different?

The answer is obviously no, but it’s because Elon Musk is much more adept at using modern social media tools to carefully craft his image. Not only that, he’s much more savvy than Gates ever was at reading the tea leaves of modern culture and latching on to issues that bolster his image as an accidental billionaire and man of the people.

The latest example of this couldn’t be more clear and it’s in regards to the Canadian trucker convoy protest. The protest is definitely a populist inspired movement, so supporting it helps to build your image in that regard. And that’s exactly what Elon Musk did.

By Tweeting his support of truckers protesting, he once again bolstered his image as a populists who fights against the system, when that’s clearly the opposite of who he truly is.

Not only that, Musk’s company Tesla openly wants to put truck drivers out of business and would do so today if he had the technology to release their self-driving trucks, which Elon has teased for years.

It’s almost too transparent, yet Elon garnered plenty of good will from his gesture. And Elon has done this hundreds of times, over and over again, carefully curating his image on hot topics of the day to make people forget he’s just another sell-0ut billionaire elite.

Musk has already sold out heavily to China. He partnered with China to help tank the crypto markets before China banned Bitcoin mining there. This was just weeks after he made a big announcement that Tesla would buy Bitcoin and accept it as payment for their cars. Only for him to totally reverse the decision at the request of China.

Then there’s the case of Tesla building data centers in China so the CCP can monitor all data from Chinese Tesla drivers. Elon didn’t even put up a fight.

Then of course there’s his new dealership in Xianjang, not far from the Uyghur Turkic Muslim concentration camps. Elon opened the dealership with much fanfare and attended the party-like grand opening as people were held as slaves just down the road.

So feel free to respect Elon’s business acumen and marketing genius, there’s nothing wrong with that. But don’t fall for his shtick as he tries to paint himself as a fighter for the average guy. In the end, he’s just Bill Gates version 2.0.


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