Former Special Forces Operator believes unprecedented civil unrest coming after the election.

Tyler S. Farley

There was a very interesting and provocative video posted by former Special Forces operator Mike Glover on his YouTube channel. For those that aren’t aware, Glover spent 18 years in the military and is now the CEO of Fieldcraft Survival. Below is a quick snippet from his bio:

Mike spent 18 years in the US Army and as a government contractor for OGA. He served as a SGM in Special Forces in various positions and deployed multiple times to combat theaters. He is an expert in Counter Terrorism, security, and crisis management operations and is the host of the Fieldcraft Survival Podcast on iTunes, and Soundcloud. He is an avid outdoorsman, overland enthusiast, traveler, and hunter. He has a bachelors degree in Homeland Security and resides in Prescott, AZ where he is the CEO of Fieldcraft Survival.

In his latest YouTube video titled “First Video Entry American Contingency”, Glover lays out his plans for a network of Americans called “American Contingency”. In the video, Glover talks about his time in overseas combat theaters and how recently when returning to the United States, it feels much different here.

Glover describes American Contingency as a social network for American patriots looking to network and join forces to protect each other and share intelligence to keep themselves safe during civil unrest which Glover believes will worsen after the November election.

In the video, Glover describes his expertise in studying insurgency groups and how it has shaped his opinion and predictions as to what is happening right now in American cities. This was the impetus for his forming of the American Contingency program which for now, only asks for an email address so that members can keep informed as the group grows.

What Glover is suggesting is actually very interesting and something that most definitely requires discussion. As we’ve seen, the police seem either unwilling or unable to stem the growing violence in large American cities. Criminals appear to be getting the upper hand, and as we’ve seen in St. Louis and other places, regular citizens are being arrested and having their guns confiscated while criminals are set free or not pursued at all.

This trend brings up an interesting question and debate for those looking to protect themselves when the police either can’t or won’t. In these cases, it seems like those trying to protect themselves on an individual basis are shamed and then overzealous prosecutors end up going after them.

A perfect example is the viral case of the McCloskeys in St. Louis, a story I’m sure you’ve heard. BLM protesters stormed their community, broke down a private gate, then shouted threats in front of the McCloskeys’ house. The McCloskeys got their guns and stood their ground until the protesters finally moved on. But instead of arresting the protesters, St. Louis officials and police executed a search warrant on the McCloskeys’ home and seized their weapons. Now they believe they will be indicted next despite the fact that they were the ones being harassed and threatened.

So as we can see happening, trying to protect yourself as an individual puts you at risk of being arrested, while being part of a mob that breaks the law appears to give the mob immunity from arrest.

So this begs the question, must law abiding citizens form groups now to protect themselves from authorities when they are forced to brandish their weapons to protect themselves? Acting alone appears to be too risky, even when simply exercising your constitutional rights. However, if a group of armed, law abiding citizens instead could mobilize quickly and defend themselves or others, would the police and prosecutors be less willing to bully and arrest them, fearing it may not be as easy to violate the rights of a 100 gun owners instead of just one.

This brings us back to Mike Glover’s video regarding his American Contingency network. Maybe it is time for law abiding citizens to form their own groups, the same way these destructive mobs have. Over zealous prosecutors and local police seem too eager to bully and arrest patriotic citizens for exercising their own constitutional rights, leaving them afraid to defend themselves out of fear they will face unfair legal attacks. But as a group, and acting as a group their is a certain protection.

Currently, the destructive mobs are using this exact same sort of “group protection” to avoid arrest and legal action. Maybe it’s time patriotic, law abiding citizens start doing the same and form our own groups…..for our own protection.

Below is the full 22 minute from Mike Glover.


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