The upcoming impeachment will backfire on Democrats. There is no way the media can spin impeachment in a way that makes it seem necessary.

Tyler S. Farley

With Democrats poised to start their second impeachment attempt of Donald Trump, this time when he’s out of office, they may not realize the huge political mistake they are about to make.

With millions of Americans still struggling with the economic effects of the long lockdowns, they’re getting impatient waiting for their share of the bailouts.

Biden and the Democrats promised that $2000 checks would be sent out immediately upon his victory in November. But now Democrats have stated that they won’t start considering any new stimulus until March at the earliest. Even then, they have already scaled back the amount and said that $1400 is now the target.

Americans and even Democrats are starting to see that they’ve been duped by the Democrats. So when Congress starts wasting time with a silly and most likely unconstitutional impeachment of a president who has already left the White House, the people’s patience will have finally run out.

Normally, Biden and the Democrats get cover from the mainstream media for all their lies and wrongdoing. Whether it be Biden’s corrupt family or his terrible flip-flopping on policy, the media provides the cover.

However, that won’t be possible with the second impeachment. No American is going to be convinced that during such difficult times Congress and the Senate should be wasting weeks and possibly even months on something as trivial as an impeachment.

Every American knows this second impeachment is born from spite. The Democrats and the establishment want to punish Trump for exposing their fraud. They want to prevent him from pursuing politics in the future.

There is no way the media can spin this upcoming impeachment in any way that makes it appear as though it helps the average American. There is no doubt they will try, they will invent silly and easily disproven arguments to try to convince Americans that the impeachment is necessary, but nobody will be buying it. The people will see it for what it is, and they will not be happy.

They will not be happy with Democrats, and they will not be happy with the media. Biden and the Democrats ran on the platform that they are the “adults” in the room and they will return decorum to government. But after pushing a second impeachment out of pure spite as Americans struggle to pay their bills, the promise of Democrats will be exposed for what it is, a total lie and a fraud.

So why are Democrats doing this? Well, they think that they have a friend in Mitch McConnell. Mitch feels threatened by Trump and his control over the Republican voter base. Mitch would be very happy if he could help banish Trump from politics. But it’s too late for that and Mitch doesn’t realize it yet. He feels if he goes along with the Democrats and helps to impeach Trump, he’ll be able to retain control of the party.

The only problem is, Mitch has already lost the party. And he’s about to feel the same backlash as Democrats starting this week.