Forget about the legislative process. The president can simply go on TV and enact sweeping new laws simply by reading from a teleprompter.

Tyler S. Farley

Well, that didn’t take long at all.

In the span of just two years, Americans have already been conditioned to ignore the normal legislative process and instead accept the fact that their leaders now rule by decree.

As we’ve seen during this entire pandemic, governors around the country have relished in their new power to rule by simple decree.

In mostly blue states, governors have totally side-stepped the legislative process and instead simply appear on TV and announce what their latest new rule is.

No real explanation is needed, the governors need not provide any real basis for their newly implemented mandate. No discussion is allowed and no dissenting opinions are discussed. Instead, they read from a teleprompter while in the safety of their office and suddenly a brand new law springs into existence out of thin air.

All of that has now culminated in the largest rule-by-decree moment of the entire pandemic. President Biden took to the airwaves on Thursday and announced a new vaccine mandate that will impact over 80 million Americans and tens of thousands of small businesses.

You would think new laws that will impact nearly a third of Americans would undergo some type of public deliberation. But no, that’s the old America. In the new America all new laws are discussed in secret, no public debate is allowed. The only time Americans can peek into the process is when their leaders show up on TV to announce whatever new restrictions they must now deal with.

If all of that sounds rather un-democratic, you’d be completely correct. There is nothing democratic at all about what Biden did today.

But this wasn’t just an incremental move towards less freedom and dictatorial rule, it was a quantum leap forward that has left the normal legislative process as a mere speck in the rear-view mirror.

Even from a basic logistical point of view, such a sweeping new law must contain many moving parts that need to be worked out. How it’s implemented, guidelines for companies to follow, pathways for arbitration, etc.

But none of that really matters when you rule by decree. Biden simply takes to the podium, declares a new regulation, and then walks away. His job is now done, and it’s up to everyone else to deal with the messy aftermath and confusion.

Thankfully, as of now we have 16 state governors who have publicly stated they will oppose these new Biden mandates. As we’ve written on this site before, these vaccine mandates are likely not legal at all despite the media claiming they have legal precedent.

All legal precedent regarding mandatory vaccines involve two things not present here. First of all, those other mandated vaccines approved by the courts provide proven lifetime protection. The current crop of covid vaccines provide minimal protection for about 5 months.

Next is the fact that previous court rulings on the mandated small pox vaccine include language that the government must take responsibility for all vaccines it mandates. But as we know, the government has passed laws that give themselves as well as the vaccine makers complete legal immunity. So they have skirted their responsibility, and therefore are no longer still protected by past legal precedent on this matter.

With all that being said, this whole matter will likely end up in the courts very soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if lawsuits start popping up by the end of the week, with many more to follow.

So in this regard, our last hope will most likely be with the Supreme Court. If that fails, it very well could signal the beginning of the end for American liberty.