Rumors of a wag-the-dog play by Biden make no sense. He’s likely being played for a fool instead.

Tyler S. Farley

Note: This site predicted Russian troops would enter Ukraine right after the Olympics.

A common rumor I’m hearing regarding the Ukrainian situation is that Biden (or those controlling him) have oversold the threat of a Russian invasion. The purpose being so that Biden can swoop in, declare peace and look like he stopped a war that was never really a war to begin with.

But there’s one problem with this theory and it involves Vladimir Putin. For this supposed plan to work. Putin would either have to fall for it, or be a part of it. Both of which seem nearly impossible.

For starters, Putin would not fall for such a plan. One thing everybody in the international community agrees on is that Putin is one of the most savvy world leaders around. From his time in the KGB to his rise to power in Russia, he’s not some empty suit. He knows how the real world works and where the bodies are buried. Someone like Biden isn’t going to pull one over on Putin.

Next we have the option of Putin being in on it. Once again, this would seem absurd as it would require Putin to make himself look weak on the global stage. But not only that, it would require him to look weak to Biden. Do you really think a guy like Putin, who is obsessed with projecting power, would allow himself to basically be told to “back off” by Biden?

It’s never gonna happen.

So I actually believe Putin is pulling the strings here. He knows Biden has a plan to try to look like the hero here, and Putin is going to embarrass him in the most extravagant way possible.

One possibility is that Putin does give Biden “assurances” of a stand-down. He will let Biden and his team take the credit, essentially burying themselves, then he’ll re-launch a small offensive anyway, making Biden look like a useless fool.

That’s just one option, but I can assure you Putin will not allow himself to look weak in whatever situation does ultimately play out. The question is just how clueless is Biden’s team to what is really going on.

Considering they sent Kamala Harris as their lead, they may be more clueless than we even realize.

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