Due to Trump being under Secret Service protection, possible hacking attacks on Truth Social are a much more serious crime.

Tyler S. Farley

As Trump’s much publicized Truth Social media platform undergoes its soft launch, many people are remembering past conservative focused platforms that have come and gone recently.

Many as I’m sure you’re aware were the victims of hacking attempts. Oddly, this seems to happen to mostly new conservative platforms and the hackers themselves openly talk to the press, but are never investigated or arrested. But that’s a topic for another article.

In this article, I want to focus on what would or could happen if Truth Social is targeted in the same way.

The reason is due to this particular platform being owned partially by an ex-president. As you know, ex-presidents are protected for life by the Secret Service. Not only that, attacks of any nature against them are treated much more seriously than if it were a regular citizen.

Now, some may argue that Truth Social is a private business, so they don’t get any special protection. But that’s not exactly true.

For example, Trump lives at his private business known as Mar-A-Lago. If an intruder was caught breaking into Mar-A-Lago with a weapon, do you think he would be treated the same as a guy just breaking into a regular Holiday Inn? Not very likely.

The investigation, and the punishment would  most likely be much more severe if it happened at Mar-A-Lago, even if nobody was harmed or injured. Not to mention, that person would most likely earn lifelong surveillance.

So that brings us to Truth Social, which is arguably identical to Mar-A-Lago in a way, just in the digital space. Trump is a partial owner, and he is the premiere presence on the site. So an attack on Truth Social is an attack on him, similar to the Mar-A-Lago example.

So this sets up an interesting possibility. With hackers seemingly able to hack conservative platforms with immunity and suffer no consequences, how will a possible hack on Truth Social be treated?

My instincts tell me Trump and his team are already aware of this and feel that such hacks will not happen like they did to Parlor or Give Send Go recently.

I also predict they have certain traps in place within the system to possibly catch hackers much more easily. In fact, they may even allow them in, as exposing the source of the attack could prove more beneficial than simply stopping the attack. A perfect example is the spying on Trump’s campaign in 2015. If they simply stopped it outright early on, it would have faded away. But by having it play out, they’ve now caught many people involved and the case is still ongoing.

Mind you, I’m not saying that Truth Social will be inviting hacking attempts. But instead, I’m sure they are aware of how large a target they are, and have systems in place to not only stop it, but trace the hacks back to their source more so than a regular site may be able to do.

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