Homelessness in Progressive cities is no accident. Progressives have always worked to create new victim classes so they can pretend to be their savior.

Tyler S. Farley

As I’m sure many of you are already aware, Progressive run cities are experiencing an explosion of homelessness. Cities like Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco are all at record homeless levels. In Los Angeles alone the homeless rate is up 50% since 2018.

So how can Progressives who often claim to be the most empathetic people in politics allow such misery and suffering in their own cities? The truth is because it’s all by design and there is history of this among Progressives.

For decades, Progressives have created victim classes. They do it through their policies or simply by declaring a certain group to be a class of victims. The welfare system and government aid programs of the 70’s and beyond is a perfect example of this. The welfare system created an entire vicious cycle of victims that Progressives could the pretend to fight for. Any attack on the welfare system was instantly deflected as an attack on the people receiving the benefits. This is how Progressives frame themselves as saviors of the victims they themselves created.

The homeless epidemic is no different and follows the same playbook. Countless failed policies in Progressive cities have caused the current homeless crisis. But instead of reversing or changing any of those policies, Progressives have instead doubled down, adding fuel to the fire. And just like the welfare debate, any attack on Progressive polices causing the homeless crisis are instead deflected as an attack on homeless people themselves. Simply pointing out the homeless problem as being a Progressive problem instantly gets you labeled as uncaring and hostile towards the homeless, the mentally ill, and those with drug addictions.

Progressives are always creating victims and creating fake enemies to fuel their need to be the saviors of the downtrodden. In this case they create the victim class, pretend to be their protectors, but instead continue the policies creating the victims in the first place. On the other hand, they’ll create fake enemies they can pretend to fight against to bolster their support among the ‘victims’.  Currently it’s males, straight men, or white people who are the chosen enemies of Progressives. They label these people as the root of evil in society, then claim to be fighting the good fight by pushing back against them.

For Progressives, it’s all a show, a mirage, and rhetorical slight of hand. They take their own misdeeds and failed policies then make it look like their enemies are the cause. They pander to the victims they created while continuing to fuel what caused those people’s suffering in the first place. It’s a truly twisted and sick manipulation of the truth, and it’s one Progressives have mastered.

So make no mistake, Progressives are obsessed with using the poor and weak to help themselves feel like the elite saviors they wish they were. And like most people who pretend to be something they’re not, they leave a path of destruction and unkept promises wherever they go.

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