A simple question for local and state officials. What threshold must be met for them to lift ALL restrictions? (Hint: They won’t ever tell you)

Tyler S. Farley

As governors like California’s Gavin Newsom impose newer and more stringent restrictions on how people can live their lives and make a living, there is one simple question that needs to be asked.

While many governors keep talking about the exact upper threshold of cases for implementing new restrictions, they leave out what the criteria is for completely removing all restrictions.

So here is the question that needs to be asked. What is the threshold that must be met for ALL restrictions to be lifted? If this truly is all based on science and hard data as they claim, then surely there must be an exact minimum threshold to lift all restrictions.

The truth is, no official will ever answer that simple question. Some have given criteria for moving back through their “phases” to possibly lower restrictions. But none of them have disclosed what the criteria is for removing ALL restrictions.

I’ll tell you why they refuse to answer that simple question, it’s because they never plan on removing all restrictions and the answer as to why is very simple.

It’s liability. Now that the governors around the country and even leaders around the world have played up the pandemic and the need for shutdowns so strongly, they can never walk them back unless there are zero cases, which is not very likely for a year or more.

Think about it. Any local official or leader who gives the “all clear” signal is suddenly responsible for any outbreak, sickness, or death that occurs. If they give the all-clear they open themselves up to all the blame for any additional cases, and blame is something a politician will never accept.

So now that we know our leaders will never have the courage to lift all restrictions, what can be done to force their hand? The answer is simple and it’s exactly what state and government leaders want you to do. They are simply going to wait until people stop following the orders en masse. When that happens, they will stop enforcing them. The reason they will accept this outcome is because it then places the blame on the public if any new outbreaks occur. Governors and local officials can simply say that they did all they could, but people simply didn’t listen or obey.

This isn’t some theory of mine either, it’s exactly what governors and mayors are doing right now. By holding press conferences and handing down ridiculous orders about how to celebrate holidays in your own home, they are setting things up to put the blame on you.

By giving out ridiculous guidelines for restaurants or even home gatherings, they leave themselves an easy “out” to simply blame the public if cases go up.

It’s the same with masks. The reason local officials love to demand mask compliance is because it gives them an “out” to simply blame the straw man of “anti-mask” people.

All of this is nothing new in the world of politics. Politicians are always looking for someone to dump the blame on when any issue arises. In this case, they have decided to dump the blame on you for not following ridiculous and restrictive orders that demand you act a certain way in your own home.

So the next time you hear your governor threatening more restrictions if covid-19 cases reach an exact threshold, ask them if they can tell you the exact threshold when they will remove all those restrictions. I promise you, they’ll never answer that question.

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