Notice how the phrase “a new normal” only floods the media after new government restrictions are imposed?

Tyler S. Farley

There’s an interesting aspect of the phrase “a new normal” and once you notice it many of the things we are seeing in today’s world suddenly make more sense.

The phrase “a new normal” is one that sort of hides under the surface, it’s used from time to time to describe a change of lifestyle or other personal life-change, but whenever there are newly imposed government restrictions, the phrase is suddenly inescapable. Every news article, every pundit, and every cable news channel starts suddenly parroting the phrase “a new normal”.

With the coronavirus pandemic, it was only a day or two into newly imposed restrictions before media outlets and government officials starting telling us all about a “new normal”.

Think back to the last event that triggered mass government restrictions and a lessening of our freedom, the attacks of 9/11. Soon after, new restrictions were put on our travel and our freedom. We were all suddenly subjected to illegal searches and seizures while in airports. Revelations about all of our communications being recorded and stored were explained away as a “new normal” to deal with the aftermath of the attacks and the sudden discovery that terrorism was now a threat.

But compare that to natural disasters which upset our way of lives the same or sometimes even more than something like a terrorist attack. After a devastating hurricane, nobody ever says we should not rebuild and instead accept the “new normal” of a destroyed coastline and flooded cities. Instead the narrative is the opposite and exactly what it should be. It’s to immediately start rebuilding so we can get back to normal as fast as possible. Clean up efforts and rebuilding starts immediately, sometimes even before the rain has stopped falling.

This is the normal reaction to a tragic or devastating event. To immediately try to rebuild and get back to normal as quickly as possible.

But compare the reaction to natural disasters to man-made disasters that result in government restrictions. Suddenly, there is no point to try to rebuild and get back to normal. Instead, we are told immediately that we must now accept this new normal. We are told there is no point trying to ever go back to a pre-911 or a pre-coronavirus world.

When you compare and contrast these narratives following devastating events, the reason for the phrase “a new normal” becomes clear. It is always used to make people accept new government restrictions and a loss of basic freedoms and liberty.

Why are we never told after a tornado, a flood , or an earthquake to simply accept the devastation as a “new normal” and to abandon those areas for good? Because that would be absurd, and it goes against human nature and our drive to move forward and overcome any obstacle in our way.

So why then after man-made tragedies like the coronavirus epidemic, are we immediately told, before it’s even over, that we must accept this current lockdown-lifestyle whether it’s proven to actually help or not.

The answer is clear. Every man-made event is used by those in power to strengthen their control and authority. Whether they directly cause that incident or simply allow it to happen, once it does occur, they quickly jump into action to tighten their grip on the people they rule over.

So I ask that people simply follow their own humanity and instincts. Resist the phrase “a new normal” as it goes against our very nature. Human beings, and especially Americans don’t just accept a “new normal” which is less than what they had before. Americans are driven to move forward, and we should move forward past these lockdowns and restrictions on our freedoms so that we can return to the normal we’ve spent our lives building and creating.

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