If those behind the Russian collusion hoax are not punished, no other outsider candidate will ever run for President again.

Tyler S. Farley

I think it’s fair to say most Trump supporters are demanding that those behind the Russia collusion hoax are exposed and brought to justice sooner rather than later. But the need for this goes deeper than just simple punishment or revenge, in fact the future of our country deeply depends on it.

From the beginning, Trump was an anti-establishment candidate. This is something even Democrats can admit. And while many Presidential candidates throughout the years have claimed to want to challenge the status quo, none really did or tried, and that’s why the deep state forces in our government mostly left them alone. They were basically puppets who did what they were told and were then allowed to exercise their own discretion on a small sliver of issues the entrenched powers that be didn’t really care about.

But then came Trump, a populist at heart who challenged both the Democratic side and the even the establishment Republican side of our government. A true anti-establishment candidate who wanted to shake up the government and wasn’t afraid to call out any politician who stood in his way, no matter their political affiliation.

Of course, we saw how the deep state reacted to someone like Trump. They smeared him with every vile accusation one can think of. From being called a traitor to a Nazi and everything in between.

His family and business partners were all investigated, threatened, and in some cases jailed on crimes unrelated to Trump or his campaign.

Basically, they attempted to ruin him, his associates, and even his family.

So now that this has happened I ask you this question. What candidate in the future would put himself through that if he was a truly an anti-establishment figure? Trump is a once a generation person who could withstand such false attacks and never falter or waiver. But how many people are that strong and willing to go through what Trump just did?

The answer is not that many, and possibly none, at least not enough to keep America on track for years and decades to come.

And that’s why those behind the Russia hoax and those behind the constant smears of Trump must be held accountable and punished. A message must be sent that if any other honest anti-establishment candidate wants to run for President, they can rest assured that they and their family will not be viciously attacked simply for trying to serve the country’s best interests.

Politics has always been a dirty game, and I’m well aware of that. But what happened to Trump was far beyond any dirty politics or mudslinging. It was a deep-state attempted coup of a duly elected President. The FBI, intelligence agencies, the media, and giant tech companies all conspired to play a part in it. It was something this country has never seen before and hopefully, if those behind it are properly brought to justice and punished, it will never happen again.

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